Chair yoga classes

Chair yoga is a fabulous way for people with lower mobility to enjoy the benefits that yoga can bring, including increased flexibility and balance. The classes are typically around 45 minutes and include movements, postures and practices to help relieve and improve joint and bone health. The movements also aid the digestive, respiratory, circulation and endocrine systems. This is a fun and informative class which leads to a feeling of physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Katie is available to teach chair yoga at your retirement home or community centre and also offers private classes.

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Testimonials from chair yoga students from Willandra Retirement Community, Cromer, NSW:

“I find Katie’s yoga really beneficial. I was complaining of feeling puffed and my doctor did some tests and said I had just 75 per cent lung capacity. Since doing the yoga I’ve been far less breathless and I am feeling much healthier.”  Brenda

“I enjoy the stretches, balances and exercises. It keeps my joints moving, I can move more easily and I notice my balance has improved.”  Enid

“The yoga has made me more supple. The combination of the stretches, balances and breathing techniques give me a feeling of well being. Katie is an excellent teacher and I feel happier after the class!” Diane

“I think it shows an 86 year old is not too old to start doing yoga! I find Katie is really helpful at adapting the moves and she always has a big smile!”  Joan