IMG_2285Eating seasonal, well-balanced, nutritionally-rich foods will not only improve your mood and your body – but it will prolong your life!

A diet based on clean, simple foods is another element of Yoga.

And once you begin to practice yoga on a regular basis, you discover it becomes increasingly difficult to snack on junk foods!

But you don’t have to squander taste or spend a fortune – some of the healthiest food is the most delicious (and nutritious).

I’ll be regularly adding posts with recipe ideas and food facts.



Caocao mint slice

This is the ultimate sweet treat – and it’s good for you! (Well kind of…). Inspired by Simply Wholefoods, I have my own take on this delicious and nutritious recipe. I’ve made this for my students at yoga, so now you can make it at home. Enjoy 🙂 Ingredients – the base: 2 cups shredded… Continue Reading

Healthy Easter Treat- raw cacao and mint nibbles

You’ll love this delicious raw cacao treat – I adapted from Wholefood Simply (a great website with amazing recipes) I’ve just substituted the almond butter for a combination of almond, coconut and cacao spread made by Mayver’s and Natural’s (by Melrose) ABC spread – which is almonds, brazil and cashew nuts. That is mainly because… Continue Reading

Healthy brownies!

These brownies are the perfect food for when your energy levels are flagging. They are packed with dates (studies have shown that eating six dates a day in the last four weeks of pregnancy can actually shorten labour!), * and they are great when you are breastfeeding. My kids love them as a mid-afternoon snack.… Continue Reading

Nourishing FODMAP vegetable soup

As soon as Autumn approaches I love to bring out my trusty Creuset dish and start making soups. As the seasons change it is important to reflect this in your diet. In Autumn when the dosha VATA is dominant, it is a time for eating cooked foods, sipping hot water with grated ginger and eating… Continue Reading

Super salmon salad

This simple salmon dish is easy to prepare and extremely healthy and nutritous. And as an added bonus it is also FODMAP friendly 🙂 And what’s more salmon is packed with Vitamin B12, selenium and Omega 3 Fatty acids – which are great for memory (if you are suffering a bit of pregnancy baby brain)… Continue Reading

FODMAP friendly brekkie

Gluten Free Porridj with rhubarb and chia seeds all you need is: gf Brookman porridj rhubarb (needs to be stewed – good to make a batch and store for a few days in the fridge) chia seeds maple syrup Recently I was diagnosed with an intolerance to foods with FODMAPs. Yes, I had the same… Continue Reading

Spring Superfood salad

Spring is the time to eat lots of fresh green garden salads – jazz them up with a few super foods, such as this delicious and healthy salad from Michelle Pitt aka Earthmother To You. Michelle makes weekly healthy meals made to order. Her FB page is coming soon, but in the meantime you can… Continue Reading

Secrets to Smooth Digestion for your Kids

Digestion is one of the fundamental aspects of your kid’s health, isn’t it? It’s central to their health and wellbeing. Here Rebecca Mar Young talks about the essence of getting it right, taken from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1) Keep it simple According to Chinese medical principles, when your child is young –… Continue Reading

Fancy a cuppa?

Kamboucha Tea may not look much like your average brew, but this ancient super drink is packed with probiotics, Vitamin B and antioxidants… It’s the Asian fermented drink known as a health elixir due to the belief that it boosts healthy gut bacteria and aids the immune system. Kambouchas is also referred to as Mushroom… Continue Reading

Golden Tea – the perfect bedtime brew

If you find yourself reaching for a glass of wine at night or a mug of caffeine-laden hot chocolate, then make the switch and sip Golden (or Turmeric) Tea instead. Golden Tea is a traditional Indian medicinal drink, which can help promote a feeling of balance and a great night’s sleep. Of course the main… Continue Reading