Yoga articles

IMG_1279As you can probably tell, I LOVE yoga.

I love that everyone can be on their own unique yoga journey. You can take as little or as much of the philosophies and ideas as you wish. You may steer away from it for a while, you might come back and immerse yourself in it. There are no right or wrongs. It is totally non-judgmental and non-competitive. It is purely about supporting you and your journey. It is always there for you.

I think of it a little like travel – the more you explore, the more you realise there is to see – and the more your discover you don’t know.

I’m personally fascinated by how people found yoga (or how it found them) and what path their yoga journey has taken – how it has interwoven the facets of their lives and relationships. So in this section I will feature fellow Yogis and discover their yoga journey. I’ll also delve into different styles of yoga, snippets from yoga workshops and other fascination yoga gems…  enjoy the ride!

Feeling very-peri…

Feeling very-peri…

Feeling very peri… For a long while I’ve been unsure – am I or aren’t I?   Is my sporadic sleeplessness and occasional anxiety due to my role as social secretary to my three kids, could my brain fog be down to getting older? At 2.22am this morning I had an epiphany which is probably obvious… Continue Reading

5 reasons why you should do pregnancy yoga

Actually there are so many more, but here are five pretty good reasons why you should do your body, your mind and your baby a favour and book into a pregnancy yoga class. I’ve been teaching for 16 years and think it is the best way to start your journey into motherhood… enjoy!  1: Connection… Continue Reading

Meditation for beginners

Meditation is the ability to focus on one thing only – to allow your inner chatter to fall away, leaving a sense of deep stillness and inner calm. It is also the way to find the path to your inner self.  Some people see it as a “coming home” a way to connect with the… Continue Reading

Beat the winter blues with YOGA

I’m delighted to say that my TUESDAY evening yoga classes are now running all year – not just by the school term. So there’s no excuse to stay under the doona this winter. Still not convinced? then check out our guide to staying active during the cooler months… As the mercury falls so too can… Continue Reading

Learn baby massage – FAQs

What happens in a Learn Baby Massage class? Well, it’s fun, it’s different and it’s not always so quiet…!   But if you come along you’ll learn a heap of new skills to add to your parenting knowledge and you’ll also learn some essential exercises for new mums (vital for regaining your core muscles safely… Continue Reading

Birth Goddess Meditation

I hope you love this chakra-based meditation which I have written to help create a sense of confidence in yourself as you embark on this special journey of motherhood. You can record this to your phone or simply ask someone you love to read it to you. And if you are keen to enjoy more… Continue Reading

Mudras and mantras for meditation

Take a moment out of your busy day to feel grounded, calm and centered. This practice will also help you prepare for meditation and help to clear a busy mind! this practice focuses the awareness on the chakras (in yoga it is believed these are wheels of energy – spiralling with prana and distributing life… Continue Reading

Want to study yoga? Then read this first!

Yoga is big business and increasingly new yogis are putting their own stamp on this ancient practice – but as yoga is rising in popularity are we risking a fall in standards? By Katie Brown Scanning the crowd, there was a rainbow of brightly coloured leggings, a stunning array of intricate tattoos and even the… Continue Reading

Ssh! Why we all need silence

Close your eyes and listen. Really listen. What can you hear? And how does it make you feel? If it’s peaceful, then you’re likely to feel calm, but if the noise level is high – and you can’t control it – then it could be causing you stress. As mothers, we accept our babies will… Continue Reading

Yoga for Autumn

 As summer fades to autumn, there is a different energy which comes to the fore… Gone are the active and fiery Pitta days of summer and in its place is the dosha, Vata. In Ayurveda (yogic medicine) there are three doshas – and like the seasons, we all have a dominant dosha. The three doshas… Continue Reading