Anti Anxiety Yoga

Breathing practices, yoga, mindfulness and massage to help manage anxiety

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FOUR recorded classes a total of 4 hours of yoga and natural therapy bliss!

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Yoga and natural therapies are well-known for helping to reduce stress – but what if you put together the best practices from yoga, meditation, mindfulness, massage, restorative yoga and breathing to create one course aimed specifically as easing anxiety and creating calm? THIS IS IT!

I’m so excited to share this 4 week course with you – now online and live, plus all the sessions will be recorded, so you will be able to have them to refer to or watch if you can’t make a session.

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I’m a mum-of-three and have been teaching yoga for more than 20 years. I’m the author of Mother Me, I teach on the IYTA’s Diploma of Yoga course, I run Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga trainings for the IYTA and I’m a qualified massage therapist. I’ve also experienced anxiety and depression and so I know what helps… please let me help you 🙂

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Suitable for all ages and levels

Are you struggling to cope with the following:

  • Exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed
  • Recovery from illness or injury
  • A major life change such as pregnancy, motherhood or menopause? Moving home
  • Grief or bereavement
  • Exams

If so, you will find Katie’s unique Anti Anxiety Yoga incredibly healing and nourishing for your mind and body.

This class can help:

  • ease anxiety
  • ease insomina
  • reduce high blood pressure
  • improve mood and help with easing depression
  • ease muscle tension
  • boost wellbeing
  • improve digestion
  • promote healing from injuries and illness

More questions? check out our Anti Anxiety Yoga Q&A Page here

This unique course is a wonderful blend of restorative yoga, gentle movements, meditation, massage, acupressure, breathing practices and Yoga Nidra. You will also discover an array of practical ways to help ease anxiety.

Katie is an anxiety sufferer and has 20 years experience as a massage therapist, senior yoga teacher, author and lecturer. She has combined the most relaxing and anxiety-easing elements from yoga, meditation and massage into one beautiful class. Be kind to yourself and book in…


Katie came and worked with our students post exams and showed them how breathing and mindfulness can really assist in refocusing and reducing stress. The students were able to participate in a series of practical and helpful strategies and movements to learn about ways to calm down and release tension. In particular, the students enjoyed Katie’s mindful meditation as she provides a soothing and peaceful way to wind down at the end of the lesson. Her gentle and calm nature was well received by the students and they enjoyed the opportunity to spend purposeful time caring for their mind and body. Thank you Katie! Kristie Ferguson, Head of Year 10, Stella Maris College

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed and learnt from your Anti-Anxiety yoga classes over the past four weeks. One of the most interesting classes I have done. You included all parts of the person, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I loved the relaxation immensely. it was wonderful to be in class as a student. I will be able to use the information both in the classes I teach and personally. Denise – yoga teacher

You are a great teacher, inspirational and I love Minty’s chilled out sivasana – downward dog pose!  : ) from Jude

I would recommend Katie’s class to anyone wanting to take some time to nurture their body and soul. And to anyone looking to learn or be reminded of how it is possible to live differently by integrating calmness into their everyday life. Sara, Collaroy Plateau

I loved it all. I’d do it again. Donna

I was feeling quite tense and anxious at the start of the session but by the end I felt loose, relaxed and centered. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you! Ashley

It was amazing, nurturing and calm. Being a beginner it was a beatiful intro. Bec

Beautifully relaxing and calming… perfect pace and timing… taught with so much passion and love. Nadia

It was awesome. A lovely mix of different types of practices which I can do every day. Mona

I found the class informative and relaxing with lots of tips and exercises on how to ease anxiety. Katie is a lovely teacher. Kara