Due to give birth and living in Melbourne? Want to be in an exciting film project? Then read on…

Acclaimed Australian filmmaker is looking for participants who are due to give birth in September for a new project studying life and death. Amiel Courtin-Wilson is an award winning filmmaker and ACCTA Byron Kennedy Award recipient whose films have screened at prestigious festivals in Australia and around the world including Melbourne International Film Festival (Winner of The Age Critics Award for Hail), Cannes Film Festival (Cicada), Sundance (Chasing Buddha) and Venice International Film Festival (Hail, Ruin).

For this work we are seeking couples who are open and willing to have their childbirth filmed for use in a sequence of the film. The film is a documentary-drama that centres around three young couples living in Oklahoma in the United States. At its heart it is a story about love, relationships, life and betrayal. The film work is crafted with dramatic narrative and thematic imagery to paint a poetic portrait of young lives in the modern world.

Your childbirth will be filmed with the upmost care and sensitivity and in consultation beforehand. The filmmaking team that will be present with you during your childbirth is designed to be as low impact as possible and will only include Amiel Courtin-Wilson and the Cinematographer, aside from your own medical team, of course! There is no need for us to film the medical staff and they can remain anonymous, if desired. The work is specifically interested in capturing the event of childbirth.

Both caesareans and natural childbirths are of interest. Home births or Hospital. Once the film work has been released the producers would like to offer participants a copy of the footage of their childbirth, which will be filmed using a high quality cinema camera and filmed by an award- winning cinematographer.

  • The team would prefer childbirth due dates eith earlier‐mid September, but can also work with mums/couples due in mid-later September.They are also interested in couples who live in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs and area.

For more information please contact:
Kate Laurie, Producer | Email: kate@floodprojects.com | Phone: 0403 724 247

For more information about Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s previous films and work, please visit the Flood Projects website: www.floodprojects.com

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