Restorative Yoga Flow

NEW: Restorative Yoga Flow – explore the elements!

Starts: Wednesday, February 10 – Wednesday, March 17, 2021 *

7.30pm – 8.30pm AEST

Live Online Via Zoom (& recorded)

Please note a change of day for this class to Wednesday 🙂

This course explores The Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Ether/Space and Water.

Enjoy a unique and delicious combination of gentle yoga flows, restorative yoga, tranquilising breathing practices and guided relaxation – designed to still your mind, release your body, soothe your soul. Each class is based on one of the five elements and for our last class we’ll journey through all the elements.

Join anytime as all classes are live and recorded.

Just $95 for the course.

If you are local to the Northern Beaches and would like to borrow props for free (bolsters/blankets/blocks) for this class, please let me know 🙂

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Yoga Energiser

recorded class to keep

$15 – for you and all family members!

Join Katie for a 45 minute yoga flow. This class will include movements to help you stretch out sore muscles and release tension. Plus a sequence to help build your core strength and tone your muscles. There will be a short five minute relaxation at the end of the class.


Katie’s Christmas Yoga Class

A fabulous digital gift for just $15 – simply order below 


  • if this is a gift for a friend please email Katie to organise how and when to send – thank you!

Join Katie and Minty for the ultimate way to keep calm this Christmas – with this festive 65 minute class. This is the PERFECT gift to yourself or someone you care about.

Katie has devised a class just for Christmas – with a flow sequence to ease tension (you’ll love Reindeer Pose!), move your body, shift a few mince pie kilos and of course a nourishing relaxation which will make you feel more relaxed than Santa on Boxing Day!


Katie’s Chakra Course

Don’t worry if you missed my 6-week Chakra Course. You can purchase all the classes for just $60 to do at your leisure.

This course includes six hours of classes. Each class dedicated to the six main Chakras. You will enjoy a blend of yoga moves, breathing techniques, meditations, meridian brushing and acupressure points all associated with promoting energy, health and balance through the mind and body.

Mooladhara, Svadisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna (and Sahasrara Centre). 


Six x 60 minute yoga classes with a blend of movements, releases, meditation, posture and breathing – all wrapped up with a long, soothing relaxation to help you create space in your mind and body – and time to yourself.

This will help boost your immune system, release stress and boost wellbeing and vitality. Suitable for all levels.


What a wonderful class. I don’t think I have ever done a class that has just concentrated on Muladhara chakra. Very pertinent for me at the moment with my day job where I have to remain grounded to address the many complex daily demands on my time.

I loved the restorative pose childs pose with the wheatbag across my lower back, What a treat that was! Also when we were in relaxation and I placed the wheatbag across my tummy I became aware of a vibration, a new sensation I had not experienced before and then you mentioned we may feel a pulse it made perfect sense. So very good to connect to muladhara! I felt lovely and relaxed and certainly slept better last night.

Margo – yoga teacher

I signed up for the 6 week online Chakra Course not really knowing what to expect but wanting to learn something new. Each week Katie took us through one of the chakras and shared her extensive knowledge with us. The slow flow yoga was exactly what I needed after my busy day at work and I found myself in a totally chilled and relaxed state after each class – bliss! Highly recommend Katie & this course to anyone wanting to regain focus and unwind.

Penny – Collaroy

To enquire about future classes and terms please email  or call 0415 503 119