Keep up your yoga!

I’ve been practicing yoga for more years than I can remember and I’ve been teaching for 20 years and I must admit I’ve founded it more challenging than ever keeping up my practice during COVID.

You would have thought that more time at home and less time commuting, would mean more time for yoga, but sadly we tend to feel a bit more apathetic and get caught up with watching Netflix and sorting out old sock drawers… now I can tell you that yoga would be MUCH better for you!

Although it does feel good when your socks are all colour coded… anyhow… I am here to help you get back into your yoga routine!

On Tuesday I will be starting up Yoga for spring and summer – we’ll be stepping up the tempo a bit to match the energy of the season but we’ll also be finishing with a nourishing relaxation.

You can go at your own pace and enjoy learning about the meridians and acupressure points and self massage techniques to help you feel balanced, calm, collected, strong, energetic and content. That’s a big claim… but after an hour of yoga I know that I feel so much happier in my mind, body and spirit. So I hope you can join me – and then you can sort out those socks 🙂

You can book into Yoga for Spring Summer HERE

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