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Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth DVD            

Yoga for pregnancy and birth
Yoga for pregnancy and birth

“I found this DVD easy to follow and it has helped the women I work with to do something positive for themselves and their babies.  I would recommend this DVD to anyone.  The relaxation highlighted how important it was to stop for a short time in order to have energy for the rest of the day.  I really feel that yoga has lasting benefits for mother and baby”
Robyn Dempsey – midwife
Robyn runs the New Beginnings Midwifery Practice in Sydney.  She has been practicing as a midwife for 15 years and has three children.

I just wanted to let you know that the DVD arrived safe and sound – and so quickly! I have been alternating routines every other night and it has been such a fantastic help! My back pain is gone and I just feel like I am carrying my baby so much better – so much more centered.
Thanks again, I honestly can’t thank you enough!
Erin 🙂

I was busy complaining to the obstetrician about how uncomfortable I was finding sleeping.  He said that I would experience everything four weeks earlier this pregnancy than last.  But this discomfort, stiffness etc seems to be about 4 months early.  Then I suddenly thought it might be lack of exercise.  I’ve been sick so long this pregnancy that I’ve done no exercise and yet last time I was doing lots of swimming and yoga.  So I did your yoga DVD and that night I had the best most comfortable sleep I’d had in ages.  I did it again yesterday and last night had another good night.  I shall make sure I do it as often as I can. It’s amazing what a  bit of stretching does for you.  Susan

 The yoga DVD is fantastic.  I will be taking my yoga mat into the birthing suite and definitely incorporating elements of your DVD into our birth plan.  In fact I hadn’t even thought about a birth plan until I watched the childbirth section of the DVD (naive first timer!!).  This DVD is brilliant, thank you.

I can’t believe how much attending pre natal yoga classes has helped loosen and prepare my body, particularly the inner thighs, neck and shoulders.  My body was quite tight and would up from playing in a female rugby union comp and working as a functions coordinator.  After each lesson I could feel the difference in my body.  Now I just rave about pre natal yoga to all my friends!  Nektaria

I’ve been using your pregnancy yoga DVD religiously for the past few months now in the lead up to the baby being born (36 weeks today! Due date May 8) and think it is fantastic, especially for sore backs! Doing daily sessions of the DVD is not only great for sore backs but for relaxation and settling the mind in preparation for the big day – I always feel a lot calmer and more confident about labour when I have completed the routine.

 Leonore, Winmalee, NSW


Natural Childbirth workshop

Thanks for a great workshop on Sunday, Katie – we really enjoyed it and Sime, in particular, came away feeling a lot more prepared for birth and  we both feel really positive and excited about the big events to come.

I’m not sure how many Saturday classes I will make between now and the birth, but I wanted to say thank you for such a great yoga journey over the past 9 months – as I said on Sunday, it is the first time that I have been able to “connect” with yoga and it has been a very integral and special part of my pregnancy. I definitely am keen to come to your Tuesday night classes once the Bub is here for some me-time, and am very interested in doing baby massage classes with you.

Best wishes and many thanks, Clare, Dee Why

As a new dad-to-be, Katie’s course gave me a great overview of what to expect over the coming month and most importantly how to support my wife through her labour and birth. I would highly recommend this course to any expecting couple.

Many thanks, Giles.

The workshop was extremely informative and enjoyable. I have no doubt much of what we learnt will be useful on the big day and beyond! There was good variety, tips, and good resources to take home. A very experienced, qualified, passionate and genuine teacher

It was relaxed, insightful and a great introduction. And it helped us to feel more confident about what lies ahead. Thanks so much!

Belinda and Mark   

The course not only helped me physically but mentally. Each week my confidence on birthing improved and my mind became more positive. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting a positive birthing experience. Katie’s energy and positivity are infectious!”
Amanda, Manly

Katie has a beautiful, positive and supportive energy. Through her ante natal yoga classes and Natural Childbirth Workshop I have felt encouraged and educated. I can’t wait to embrace this wonderful journey.
Kylie, yoga teacher and mother-to-be, Manly Vale

Katie is very effective in encouraging a calm, relaxed atmosphere and I think she effectively addressed the physiology and psychology of childbirth.
Gabriela, Yorkeys Knob, QLD

I found this course really informative and practical. Katie taught us techniques of relaxation, breathing and positions that will be helpful to cope with not only the pains of labour but with whatever unexpected events occur on the day. I would highly recommend this course to all expectant Mums.
Gwen, Narraweena

Katie’s Natural Childbirth Workshop was a fantastic way for us to connect with our unborn baby and feel confident about labour and our ability to support each other.
Rebecca, mother and yoga teacher, North Balgowlah

This workshop gives a complementary experience to hospital ante natal classes. I love the parent-centred approach – very empowering!
Verity, Dee Why

 IMG_0502Learn Baby Massage – new workshop!

I really loved this class as it gave me something fun and therapeutic to do with my baby. After the class he slept like an angel and the colic massage has already come in handy. I highly recommend this if you are looking to soothe an upset baby or develop a bonding massage practice with your newborn that I will carry on for many years to come.

Kirsty, Freshwater, NSW


Yoga for mums ‘n’ bubs 

Many thanks for today’s baby massage session – everyone really enjoyed it – for some bubs it was quite obvious – others had delayed effects!  Both Jasper and Alysha had long sleeps this afternoon (which is unheard of for our bubs, who usually wake after one sleep cycle!).
Trinette, Neutral Bay

Thanks for the baby yoga massage session.  I found it very helpful and great value for money. It must have worked because when I got home Alysha slept for an hour without waking up which is rare for her after midday.

Thanks also for the detailed instructions, they will certainly make repeating the massage much easier and I won’t have to rely on my post pregnancy brain!

Bettina and Alysha

Really enjoyable, helpful and put my baby to sleep, good, useful information.
Lynda, Cremorne

Post-natal yoga was an amazing experience for me-
*It was a dedicated time per week that was for me!! not chores, husbands, feeding or washing etc.
*It was an opportunity to meet, learn and share with other new mums
*I found it wonderful physically for recovery from my birth (C-section) and found it helped to ease me  into exercise and the path to returning to my pre-baby state.
*It was a very special experience to share with my baby, so much happens in those early months of  life, and it was nice to indulge in time to appreciate her and to learn how to incorporate meditation, baby massage and yoga into our week.
Karen, Cromer

I always looked forward to the class for many reasons. The gentle yoga, stretching and exercises were a fantastic way to graduate into an exercise routine. I loved meeting all the mums and bubs to share our joys and experiences and still meet them today. I always left relaxed from the massage and relaxation.
Sarah, Collaroy Plateau

Your course was a highlight of the tough early days with Georgia. It was so great to go to a weekly Yoga class where I could bring my baby and also get a nice workout. It was a nice opportunity to meet and make friends with other mums with a similar outlook.
Wendy, North Balgowlah

Doula services

 I have been a practicing Obstetrician for eight years and one delivery with Katie brings back great memories.  This woman had a special neurological condition that increased her risk of falling and unfortunately resulted in

supporting women in birth
supporting women in birth

her fracturing her right humerus five weeks prior to her birth.  

 Katie was very attentive and supportive of this woman during the whole labour and was a great asset in ensuring this woman had a normal, uncomplicated birth.  

Dr Peter Wood


I was pregnant with my first child and was going to be a single parent with no family around, so was feeling particularly anxious about embarking on the journey of labour alone.

So when I met Katie Brown at one of her yoga classes and she offered to be my doula at my birth I was very excited.

We met up several times before my labour and she offered invaluable advice based on her knowledge/training and her own labour experiences.  She listened carefully to what I wanted and from there we wrote a birth plan together.

Leading up to my due date she was on call for me 24/7 and rearranged her schedule to be available.  When the time came she was at my house within minutes.

My labour was long and intense so I was incredibly grateful for Katie’s presence – she kept me calm and provided support and reassurance when I needed it and gave me confidence in my ability when I felt like giving up.

My sister unexpectedly made it here for the birth and Katie respectfully encouraged her presence and input.

Thanks to them I managed the long labour drug-free, as planned, and it was such a wonderful experience!!

I had a beautiful little son and although it was very late at night, Katie stayed in the hospital with us until I had my bundle in my arms, content and ready for sleep.

Melinda, NSW


 I really recommend Katie Brown as a doula.  I employed her for my second labour and she was fantastic.   She supported and encouraged me throughout my labour (natural, just a little gas for the first stage then completely drug free for the second stage).  She used the distraction and visualisation techniques we had discussed before the labour and also helped me with massage and hot compresses on my back.  Both my husband and obstetrician were very impressed with her and found her very helpful, I wish I had employeed a doula for my first labour which was very long and difficult.

Gwen, NSW


pre and post natal relaxation CDs
pre and post natal relaxation CDs

Relaxation CDs

I was looking for a Yoga Nidra CD and found Katie’s pre-natal Yoga relaxations. It’s fantastic! Really relaxing and helped me bond with my baby. I’ve listened to it about twenty times and I’m not sick   of it at all! It’s also got a great relaxation section for you and your partner, which we love. Thank you!
Karen, mum-of-two, Manly

I lent my friend a copy of your Post Natal Relaxations CD (as she’s been having a lot of trouble sleeping).

She said she’s now sleeping like a baby and if she does happen to wake, she just puts your CD on, hears your voice and falls straight back to sleep!!

So I just thought you may like to know that you are making a big difference to somebody’s life. And just for the record, I still listen to the chakra balancing one regularly (even though I’m hardly considered “post natal” any more) and it is like having someone “re-fill the tank” when I’m feeling tired…the best!

Felicity (mum-of-two)

love love love your post natal relaxation CD. Cath Brennan from Dubbo let me borrow her copy and I religiously do one of your relaxation sessions EVERY day….anyway thought I better give Cath’s copy back and buy my own!! Thank you for making my day every day. My bub is 5 months old now…..just quietly he is gorgeous!! I also did your pre natal yoga when I was preggy and do your post natal yoga every day now too!! Love it!!

Joh, Binnaway, NSW

Yoga classes

I am so pleased I could make it to the last few classes of Yoga for Busy Mums and I’ve added the dates in for Term 4, as I would love to keep practicing yoga with you. Your classes are wonderful and I think the times and duration are perfect. Your class always makes me feel so relaxed and human again after the long busy days, running around after little ones and it is great to meet other mums and share some experiences of motherhood.
Trudie, mum-of-two

I have been attending Yoga Babes classes for 2 Terms now and what a great find this is.  The classes are fantastic- relaxing, with lots of great stretching, strength and relaxation work. Last weeks class- was great – I felt like I had just had a back massage afterwards no more aches. Thanks Katie

Lynda – Collaroy Plateau  NSW

 I’ve been going to Katie’s yoga class for 2 years and have found the atmosphere of this class to be unpretentious and peaceful. Katie teaches different levels of challenge with each pose allowing each student in the class to meet their individual physical and mental challenges within their level of capability.

I leave Katie’s yoga class feeling physically invigorated, mentally relaxed and emotionally more balanced.


I so look forward to my Katie’s yoga class every week, it makes me feel like I am doing something special for my mind and body.  Afterwards I just float out the door ready for the rest of week.