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Two Minute Warm Up

Here’s a quick warm up before we begin…

Shoulder Rolls

Stand in Tadasana (feel parallel, natural curves in spine, shoulders relaxed, chin tucked in slightly).

Gently roll shoulders up as you inhale and back as you exhale.
Three times one direction, three times the other direction.

Hip Circles

Take your feet about shoulder-width apart and bend your knees, with your hands on your hips begin to circle your hips around to the right.

Move in slow, smooth circles taking deep breaths in and out – three times to the right and three times to the left.

Side stretch

Raise your hands above your head, interlace your fingers, palms up and relax your shoulders.

Soften your knees as you gently release your hips to the left and arms to right. Keep your tummy drawn towards your spine as you exhale to the side and inhale back to centre.

Standing Cat

Feet hip distance apart, hands on thighs fingers pint towards one another.

Bend the knees and as you exhale, draw the chin to the chest and round the spine – one vertebrae at a time – then inhale and move from the tailbone as you begin to uncurl the spine – looking forward and up.


Take the legs a little wider apart, if you have high or low blood pressure then gently rest the forearms on the thighs, otherwise, clasping hold of the opposite elbow, soften the knees and release the upper body down.

Draw the weight into the balls of the feet and give the head a gentle nod to release any tension in the back of the neck.

Take soft sips of air. After three breaths, very slowly come to a comfortable sitting position.

Sitting twist

Sit up tall and take your right hand to the outside of your left knee, as you breathe in grow tall through the spine and then exhale and look gently over the left shoulder.

Take three breaths and then swap to other side.

Sitting meditation

To finish, take your hands to your knees, palms up. Take three long slow breaths and then SMILE – now you’re ready to start!

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