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Workout at the touch of a button anywhere, anytime with Katie Brown’s Ten Minute Tone – a series of ten-minute yoga based exercises and relaxations.

Our aim is to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to be healthy, happy and calm.

And we know just how time-poor you are, so by using Ten Minute Tone you’ll have more time to enjoy your life. There’s a morning routine, an evening routine, workouts to target “problem areas” such as abs and routines to help boost energy levels.

And if you think ten minutes won’t make a difference, then check out the story below…

Part of Katie’s inspiration for starting Ten Minute Tone, was from watching her dad, Alan do his morning exercises. Alan began doing a ten-minute stretching routine in his mid-forties – that was thirty years ago.

He’s now 76 and one of the fittest grandparents we know.

Katie and her dad, Alan

Alan credits his “Ten Minute Tone” with giving him the energy and fitness levels to continue to enjoy his life and his regular cycling trips and walks.

He says: ‘All you have to do is be disciplined – just do it!’ He always does his exercises at the same time every day – first thing in the morning.

‘I enjoy doing the exercises,’ he says. ‘They always put me in a good mood. I feel so much happier for the rest of the day.’

Alan has adapted exercises from yoga moves he saw Katie practising. He now has a routine he follows which includes face and eye exercises, shoulder releases, leg strengtheners, abdominal, back and gluteal work and he finishes with a gentle spinal twist.

In 30 years, he reckons he’s only missed a handful of sessions – and that’s been due to sickness or travel. ‘They are part of my life now,’ he says.

And his advice? ‘Don’t expect too much of yourself and don’t think about it – just go for it!’

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