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A Mums’ guide to balance, wellbeing and harmony

MOTHER ME is a companion that offers a new way for mums to navigate their own personal journey.  It combines practical advice, creative exercises and stories from real mums about how they’ve achieved – and overcome – aspects of motherhood.

Comprised of six building blocks.

  • Taking time out for self-care: emotionally and physically
  • Nurturing your relationship
  • Being a mother
  • Creating a peaceful home environment
  • Reframing work and finances
  • Finding time for friends and family

 MOTHER ME focuses on the emotional wellbeing of the mother after birth. 

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the kind of book that any new mum… should have

Mother Me by Katie Brown is the kind of book that any new mum, trying to navigate their way through the perils of motherhood, should have.

Parents Online

this book is a fantastic, unique read

I have read a LOT of parenting books but none that really focuses on the emotional needs of the mother after pregnancy. I think this book is a fantastic, unique read.

Melanie Peake
parenting author

a gorgeous book

…a gorgeous book that would make a lovely treat for any mother.

Pinky McKay

I really needed a book like this!

I can honestly say within moments of reading it, I was hooked.  It is one of the best books I have read and I haven’t even picked up a book since my second son was born five months ago! I read it before I go to bed and am enjoying it soo much! thank you for writing this honest, informative book. I really needed a book like this!

Victoria, Australia

Mother Me - the best gift for any new mum

When you give birth, you're not just having a baby, you're stepping into a whole new world.

Mother Me is the guide book on how to adjust to this amazing new journey and keep balance in your life.

Written by mum-of-three, Katie Brown, infant massage educator, yoga lecturer, restorative yoga and Guided Relaxation expert. This book also includes advice from psychologists, parenting experts as well as stories from real mums and 50 practical tools and ways to make your journey into and through motherhood the best it can be.