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Lockdown Yoga

Fed up with juggling dinners, deadlines and dusting? Slumped over your desk with aching shoulders and the creep of Covid kilos? Then you need Lockdown Yoga!


Yoga for the Elements

This six-part course begins with a journey through each of the elements and then dives into each one (ether, air, fire, water and earth) in more detail – using yoga, relaxation and massage techniques.


Katie’s Chakra Course

Six part course exploring the main chakras using yoga asanas and flows, pranayama and guided relaxations. You’ll learn what chakras are, the qualities of each one and easy practices to incorporate into your life.

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Finding CALM

Discover the best practices from yoga, meditation, mindfulness, massage and breathing techniques to give you easy and practical tools to manage anxiety and ease stress. Suitable and recommended for all!


Ten Minute Tone

This series of ten minute yoga routines and relaxations are perfect for anyone who is busy or struggling to get to the gym or studio. There are seven routines and six relaxations.


Yoga for Menopause

Join Katie for a 90-minute yoga experience to discover the best yoga, breathing and meditation practices to help balance hormones and transition through peri and post menopause. So if you’re experiencing it, not sure or just want to know what to expect, this class is for you!


Audiobook – Guided Relaxation – your essential guide to calm

Includes more than four hours of deliciously nurturing relaxations themed on the seasons, the chakras, the Ayurvedic elements and relaxations for children. Plus relaxations to help ease anxiety, promote sleep, soothe muscle tension and much, much more…

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Christmas Yoga Class

Enjoy a festive fun and relaxing yoga class as a special gift to YOU this Christmas.
You can do this class on your own or with your family! There are calming breathing practices, self massage practices and some fun poses such as Reindeer and Christmas Tree pose – plus a nurturing Guided Relaxation just for Christmas!

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Summer yoga flow

Summer yoga flow is a beautiful 60-minute class incorporating gentle flows and asanas, breathing practices – all wrapped up in a nurturing seasonal Guided Relaxation. Perfect for easing stress and promoting health, vitality and wellbeing

Face Yoga Course

Face Yoga

Discover the art of Face Yoga and Face Massage in this 4-part yoga course. It makes sense that we should exercise our 43 facial muscles – after all we regularly exercise the other muscles in our body.

Intro to Face Yoga

Intro to Face Yoga

Check out this 45-minute Face Yoga and Face Massage – which includes practices for the forehead, eye area, nose, cheeks, mouth, jaw and neck. This will help to give you a natural face-lift and healthy glow!


Learn baby massage

Enjoy a 75 minute class with Katie Brown guiding you through the full series of strokes for baby massage (based on the routine from Infant Massage Australia).