I’m Minty – an English Springer Spaniel pup – well not so much of a pup anymore, but I don’t let that stop me from racing around, chasing butterflies and generally being a bit crazy. I don’t stop much … well that isn’t quite right as there are times that I do stop… and that is when my human mum, Katie teaches her yoga class.

Since I started hearing this odd word “Covid”, Katie has been running her yoga classes with no people (which seems a bit bizarre to me, but who am I to question what humans do), and instead of people there are bright lights and a screen that humans always look at. Sometimes I find it hard to switch off and I might saunter past and check out what’s happening. I often see other animals – doing the same as me, laid out in different asanas beside our humans – bliss 😊

Anyhow, you’ll get used to seeing me doing my doggie Savasana – sometimes I use props such as my mum’s leg, other times I might do some limbering – but I love the yoga – especially the relaxations and I’m sure you’ll see me doze off regularly.

Look forward to seeing you at the next class.  

Love Minty x