Peaceful Paws – Relaxations with your dog

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Had a ruff day? Then unleash stress with dog relaxations! 

Have an anxious pup?
Or simply want to enjoy quality time with your fur baby?
Then this is the book for you…

Peaceful Paws includes a variety of ways to create calm with your canine.


  • Dog Acupressure points
  • Massage strokes for your fur baby
  • Six guided relaxations for dogs
  • Plus relaxation tips for humans!

Peaceful Paws is a unique book to help reduce pet (and human) anxiety, boost connection with your dog and aid understanding of your pet’s body language.

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Vet Dr Caroline Wood says:

In our fast-paced modern lifestyles, we often forget that our canine companions have just as much of a need for relaxation and a deep connection with another being as we do.

I love the way Katie Brown’s book guides you, with peaceful meditations and beautiful illustrations, to offer your dog just that. You will begin to feel the earth the way your dog does, strengthening your bond with them and benefiting from the sessions as much as they do. I highly recommend this book, and feel it is an essential resource for canine wellbeing everywhere.

Dr Wood is an Integrative Veterinarian at Aubreen Veterinary Hospital, Sydney

Yoga teacher, author and dog lover Katie Brown has just released her latest book: Peaceful Paws – Guided Relaxations for Dogs, a compilation of six guided visualisations, Deiki (that’s dog Reiki), calming acupressure points for dogs and a dog massage routine.

Katie wrote the book after discovering her own pooch – Springer Spaniel, Minty – just LOVED the relaxations during her online yoga classes.

She said: “During the pandemic I taught online and Minty my dog just sat beside me and would lie in her own version of Savasana and loved listening to the relaxations at the end of the class. And it wasn’t just Minty – all the other students found their dogs would join in too!”

It’s well known that anxiety levels and mental health disorders are at unprecedented levels and our dogs aren’t immune to stress. A Finnish study from 2020 revealed that more than 70 per cent of dogs exhibit anxiety-like behaviours according to their owners.

Katie – who is the author of Guided Relaxations – your essential guide to creating calm and the Relaxation Rainbow – guided visualisations for children, decided to write a few relaxations to read to Minty such as: Mutts about Meditation, Doggy Dreams and Why I Love You.

“Minty loved them,” Katie recalls. “It was great to see her so chilled out as she is normally so energetic and she used to be a bit of a nervous dog. Since doing the relaxations she has become much calmer.”

Katie – who has been teaching yoga and infant massage for 24 years – has incorporated calming acupressure points, dog Reiki (Deiki) and massage strokes into the book, so there are lots of different ways you can help to soothe and connect with your pet. And it’s not just the dogs that benefit – it’s well known that spending time with your pet helps to promote calm but she believes that is enhanced when you are actively relaxing with your pet.

Benefits of Dog Relaxation can include:

  • Reducing dog anxiety
  • Reducing human anxiety
  • Connecting with your dog
  • Learning your dog’s engagement cues & body language

Peaceful Paws is 36pp and features beautiful illustrations by artist, Ruth Wellman.