Yoga for Menopause

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Join Katie for a 90 minute yoga experience to discover the best yoga / breathing and meditation practices to help balance hormones and transition through peri and post menopause. So whether you know you’re in menopause, you’re not sure, or you want to know what to expect, this class is for you!

In this class you’ll discover yoga flows and practices to balance hormones, ease stress and tension, help promote bone density, muscle tone, heart health and restful sleep. 

You’ll learn tools and tips to help with everything from hot flushes to headaches and more. This class is written and presented by Katie Brown – who has recently run a successful workshop for yoga teachers for the IYTA (International Yoga Teachers’ Association). This class also includes a mini manual on yoga and menopause.

Yoga for menopause – only $25

(Access for 90 days is included)

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I totally recommend this class!

Katie’s Yoga for menopause class is well balanced and informative.

She provides a wide range of yogic practices which include gentle movements, active and restorative yoga poses and breathing techniques plus a wonderful relaxation! Katie creates a safe and inclusive space and she normalises a natural process in every woman’s life cycle. She offers lots of snippets of valuable information and generously shares her own experiences.

I totally recommend this class!



yoga teacher, NSW

A mix of energising and restorative moves

 I have done a number of Katie’s restorative yoga classes, the menopause one was of particular interest as I am starting my journey into this new phase of life. It was great, Katie provided lots of information on the subject. The class was a mix of energising and restorative moves along with breathing techniques which can be used for those 2am wake ups when you are trying to get back to sleep. I would highly recommend the class, I felt great when I finished.

Katie’s years of experience shone through

Katie is a wonderful, caring and natural teacher who has an obvious passion for sharing her love of Yoga.  I attended her Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course through the IYTA and found the training to be very comprehensive and delivered with passion and dedication.  Katie’s years of experience shone through and her compassionate and friendly delivery made the training a joy to attend and I have used what I learned on the course regularly since then.  I can highly recommend Katie’s Restorative Yoga trainings as well as her online classes and workshops that I have also thoroughly enjoyed attending.

Alyssa Bird
yoga teacher

Katie has created a beautiful and nourishing class for women

Katie has created a beautiful and nourishing class for women journeying through the transition of menopause. As always Katie is both extremely caring and knowledgable in her teaching, sharing her experience and valuable information about the menopausal years. Katie is so wonderfully positive in this class and speaks of menopause as a second spring and a time to celebrate and truly value ourselves as women. I found the class to be very uplifting and nurturing. Katie’s pregnancy classes were so valuable to me as a new mum, so I am delighted that she is creating classes with a focus on this next important time of life. Thank you Katie for such a wonderfully nurturing and positive experience.
Jill (Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher) 

Minty always entertains us too!

I have been following Katie for at least two years and have done numerous courses eg- Restorative 4 weeks, Prenatal, A Mother’s day self-care course, Friday night classes.

I have purchased Katies Prenatal book and videos and lent them out to clients to use as well.  I have learnt lots from the courses and have taken that information back to my own classes to try different poses and for my own self-care in these trying times.

I have really enjoyed her teaching manner.  I will continue to do more classes in the future for sure.

The best thing in each class is that Minty the dog always entertains us too, there aren’t many classes on line where there’s a dog in class with us.

Thanks again for all your fun on line Katie, Hope to see you and Minty soon.

Gabby Zerk
yoga teacher

Delivered with such a positive energy

” Being in the perimenopause and interested to know how I can support myself during this new phase of my life, I did the Zoom Yoga for Menopause class with Katie. I definitely recommend it! I found it very informative, Katie shared her experience, knowledge, ressources and a Yoga practice to support us. I really enjoyed the balance between the Yang part of the practice, to help us keep strong and the Yin part to help us feel nourished and restored. It was delivered with such a positive energy. I was also very happy to learn that in China, menopause is called Second Spring, sounds very promising! Thank you Katie for bringing us all of this and an opportunity to share and connect together! “.

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