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This course explores The Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Ether/Space and Water.

Enjoy a unique and delicious combination of gentle yoga flows, restorative yoga, tranquilising breathing practices and guided relaxation – designed to still your mind, release your body, soothe your soul. Each session is based on one of the five elements and for our first class we’ll journey through all the elements.

Ayurveda is known as the Science of Life and it is believed nature and all living things consist of the five elements.  

We are all a unique blend of the five elements – often one or two of these elements are more dominant in our constitution. Discover the elements within you and how to keep them balanced.  

Do you feel out of balance?

When out of balance we can feel as if we don’t have enough time or space in our life, in balance we feel in the flow of our life true to who we are and can communicate clearly.
When out of balance we can feel burnt out and dehydrated, prone to digestive issues and dryness. In balance our mind is clear and you feel positive, light and move easily.
When out of balance we feel fiery, quick to react, prone to sweating when in balance we are motivated, illuminated with good levels of energy.
When out of balance we can feel depressed, fearful and feel heavy, in balance we are resilient and easily adaptable.
When out of balance we don’t feel supported and can be indecisive and fearful, in balance we are secure, feel safe and strong.

Discover how to move towards balance in your mind, body and life in this beautiful six-class course with Katie Brown.

Join me and explore the elements for only $60

(Access for 90 days is included)

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One of the most interesting classes I have done

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed and learnt from your Anti-Anxiety yoga classes over the past four weeks. One of the most interesting classes I have done. You included all parts of the person, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I loved the relaxation immensely. it was wonderful to be in class as a student. I will be able to use the information both in the classes I teach and personally.

Denise – yoga teacher

A mix of energising and restorative moves

 I have done a number of Katie’s restorative yoga classes, the menopause one was of particular interest as I am starting my journey into this new phase of life. It was great, Katie provided lots of information on the subject. The class was a mix of energising and restorative moves along with breathing techniques which can be used for those 2am wake ups when you are trying to get back to sleep. I would highly recommend the class, I felt great when I finished.

Post natal relaxation

love love love your post natal relaxation CD. Cath Brennan from Dubbo let me borrow her copy and I religiously do one of your relaxation sessions EVERY day….anyway thought I better give Cath’s copy back and buy my own!! Thank you for making my day every day. My bub is 5 months old now…..just quietly he is gorgeous!! I also did your pre natal yoga when I was preggy and do your post natal yoga every day now too!! Love it!!

Binnaway, NSW

Loved it

I loved it all. I’d do it again.


Informative and relaxing

I found the class informative and relaxing with lots of tips and exercises on how to ease anxiety. Katie is a lovely teacher.


Beautifully relaxing and calming

Beautifully relaxing and calming… perfect pace and timing… taught with so much passion and love.



It was amazing, nurturing and calm. Being a beginner it was a beautiful intro.


What a wonderful class

What a wonderful class. I don’t think I have ever done a class that has just concentrated on Muladhara chakra. Very pertinent for me at the moment with my day job where I have to remain grounded to address the many complex daily demands on my time.

I loved the restorative pose childs pose with the wheatbag across my lower back, What a treat that was! Also when we were in relaxation and I placed the wheatbag across my tummy I became aware of a vibration, a new sensation I had not experienced before and then you mentioned we may feel a pulse it made perfect sense. So very good to connect to muladhara! I felt lovely and relaxed and certainly slept better last night.

Margo – yoga teacher

Katie does fantastic meditation sessions

I have been attending Katie’s yoga classes for the past 13 years. Katie is very welcoming to everyone. She takes an interest in every student and always checks if they have any health issues and gives them an alternative stretch (if the one we are doing is not suitable for them). Her classes have a lovely, positive vibe. Katie does fantastic meditation sessions too. I always feel so much better after attending one of Katie’s classes.

Collaroy, NSW

Student learning how to reduce stress

Katie came and worked with our students post exams and showed them how breathing and mindfulness can really assist in refocusing and reducing stress. The students were able to participate in a series of practical and helpful strategies and movements to learn about ways to calm down and release tension. In particular, the students enjoyed Katie’s mindful meditation as she provides a soothing and peaceful way to wind down at the end of the lesson. Her gentle and calm nature was well received by the students and they enjoyed the opportunity to spend purposeful time caring for their mind and body. Thank you Katie!

Kristie Ferguson, Head of Year 10
Stella Maris College

I enjoyed it very much

I was feeling quite tense and anxious at the start of the session but by the end I felt loose, relaxed and centered. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!


An essential book in the modern world

Science tells us daily that we all need to reduce our stress to promote and support our physical, emotional, and mental health.

Thankfully Katie Brown’s book, Guided Relaxation, not only teaches us how to relax, it also and shows us how in clear, friendly, and accessible words and illustrations.

The practice of conscious relaxation will change your day and your life, because it will effect how you “talk” to yourself and how you interact with others.

An essential book in the modern world.

It will uplift your spirits and take you home to a sense of ease and rest.




Judith Hanson Lasater
Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, PT, yoga teacher since 1971, and the author of 11 books on yoga.

Great teacher

You are a great teacher, inspirational and I love Minty’s chilled out sivasana – downward dog pose!  : ) 


Sleeping like a baby

I lent my friend a copy of your Post Natal Relaxations CD (as she’s been having a lot of trouble sleeping).

She said she’s now sleeping like a baby and if she does happen to wake, she just puts your CD on, hears your voice and falls straight back to sleep!!

So I just thought you may like to know that you are making a big difference to somebody’s life. And just for the record, I still listen to the chakra balancing one regularly (even though I’m hardly considered “post natal” any more) and it is like having someone “re-fill the tank” when I’m feeling tired…the best!

Felicity (mum-of-two)

A wonderful way to finish off the working week

Thank you again Katie for Friday night’s restorative yoga class. It was a wonderful way to finish off the working week. Your calming voice and the gentle sequence combined to help me deeply relax and also to have a great night’s sleep. A gift very much appreciated.

Phil Duke
Yoga teacher, NSW

Katie’s years of experience shone through

Katie is a wonderful, caring and natural teacher who has an obvious passion for sharing her love of Yoga.  I attended her Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course through the IYTA and found the training to be very comprehensive and delivered with passion and dedication.  Katie’s years of experience shone through and her compassionate and friendly delivery made the training a joy to attend and I have used what I learned on the course regularly since then.  I can highly recommend Katie’s Restorative Yoga trainings as well as her online classes and workshops that I have also thoroughly enjoyed attending.

Alyssa Bird
yoga teacher

Take some time to nurture your body and soul

I would recommend Katie’s class to anyone wanting to take some time to nurture their body and soul. And to anyone looking to learn or be reminded of how it is possible to live differently by integrating calmness into their everyday life.

Collaroy Plateau


I signed up for the 6 week online Chakra Course not really knowing what to expect but wanting to learn something new. Each week Katie took us through one of the chakras and shared her extensive knowledge with us. The slow flow yoga was exactly what I needed after my busy day at work and I found myself in a totally chilled and relaxed state after each class – bliss! Highly recommend Katie & this course to anyone wanting to regain focus and unwind.


I felt so rested and nurtured

The restorative class yesterday was just what I needed especially on Mother’s Day!

I felt so rested and nurtured with that type of class, I loved being in my own home too with all my things to help me feel cosy and comfortable. Katie has a beautiful teaching voice that instantly puts you at ease and along with her nurturing soul.

Thank you Katie for a beautiful class I slept like a sleeping baby last night 😊


Alexi Pallpratt
yoga teacher

It was awesome

It was awesome. A lovely mix of different types of practices which I can do every day.


I loved Katie’s pregnancy yoga

I loved Katie’s pregnancy yoga, and was so happy to find she was running this course just in time for my second pregnancy, after doing a lot of her classes with my first. Katie creates a warm and fun feel, and it was great to get together with like minded future mums.

Katie’s experience really shines through, she has poses and tips to help with all sorts of pregnancy issues. She helped me with creating space and helping to get the baby into position, strengthening my back and hips and feeling more supple. It was the perfect amount of intensity. I found myself using my own favourite poses from the course each night on the rug, towards the end of the pregnancy where it was harder to get comfortable, and this really helped with my sleep and all the little aches.  I really enjoyed the classes each week and felt this was a great way to bond with the baby and do something relaxing and nurturing for myself.

Elanora Heights

your guide to deep relaxation and sleep is the best I’ve ever used

I have to say that your guide to deep relaxation and sleep is the best I’ve ever used and always has the desired effect – so thank you!!

Teresa Cayzer

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