This book really did surpass my expectations

As an educator at a school where students physical, social and mental wellbeing is highly valued, I have seen firsthand the benefits of relaxation and meditation on my students.

In this high paced world where children are increasingly leading busier and busier lives, giving them time to relax, be in the moment and connect with their inner self is incredibly important.

Following a meditation class at school, my students are noticeably calmer, show less anxiety and their ability to concentrate is increased. The students overwhelmingly love attending meditation and see these lessons as having a positive impact on their learning.

The Relaxation Rainbow is an extremely easy to read book, which guides you through a series of beautiful meditations for children.

The vibrant colours of the illustrations and the easy to follow meditations drew me to this book immediately.

Each meditation guides students through places that would be familiar to them, making it accessible to everyone.

The meditations allow children to tap into and use their imaginations creating their own ‘world’ to be in.

Linking the colours of the rainbow with the option of a crystal promotes inclusiveness, making them relevant and accessible to a range of children and ages.

This book is a beautiful example of how simple it can be to practise meditation. Whether you are the participant or the facilitator, I can guarantee that you your whole body will feel relaxed and calm afterwards. I know I nearly fell asleep at the end of each session!

This book really did surpass my expectations and I am looking forward to sharing these with my students and with my own children at home. I would highly recommend this book for all children.