This is a beautiful book and one to include in your collection

Relaxation techniques and practices are important skills to learn for a more easeful and peaceful life.

There seems to be no stone unturned in Katies new book Guided Relaxation: Your essential guide to creating calm

Not only is this a book to help guide a novice in useful techniques to discover more, it is also a great resource to provide inspiration to other Yoga Teachers. This book is for the experienced, well versed in the approaches of Guided Relaxation or the beginner who is making that first enquiry.

Easy to read and follow: Chapters that provide the background details with minimal Jargon so no one needs to feel excluded from learning how to guide themselves or others into and out of the relaxed state.

Topics included such as simple breathing techniques, suggested equipment, postures and props and the importance of creating the best possible environment for practice is emphasised.

The value of ‘Leading- in’ with  Centering and grounding practices are included and chapters to follow that provide various themed scripts.

Body scans, The Chakras, Ayurvedic elements, The seasons, Affirmations and Healing and scripts especially for Children.  All content and concepts are explained, easy to read and connect with.

There is just the right amount of background detail to motivate the user to engage with the information without feeling overwhelmed. Katie has managed to connect with the reader and this makes her book one of the best available on this topic.

The Illustrations by Ruth Wellman are beautifully drawn and compliment the work so well. I enjoyed moving away from a photo and into the artistry on the page.

This is a beautiful book and one to include in your collection.