Exactly what I needed

I just wanted to say thank you for Sunday’s yoga.  From the outset with the warming Qi Gong and energy work, to the restful restorative postures, it was exactly what I needed.  I’ve been playing lots of tennis, sitting at my desk too long and not doing enough yoga and was feeling so stiff, especially around the neck and shoulders and I felt so free afterwards. The sound bath was calming and added an extra level to the class.

I’ve been working on my Chakras lately – something I truly believe is an essential part of feeling balanced in life – and was pleased to explore a little more in your class.

It’s also great to be among like minded people which added to the relaxed atmosphere.  I’ll definitely be there on as many last Fridays of the month as I can.

This is great Yoga.  The right amount of time, the right balance of postures, amazing relaxation, like-minded people, a fabulous teacher, and lots of fun.

Thank you!