Calm support

I was pregnant with my first child and was going to be a single parent with no family around, so was feeling particularly anxious about embarking on the journey of labour alone.

So when I met Katie Brown at one of her yoga classes and she offered to be my doula at my birth I was very excited.

We met up several times before my labour and she offered invaluable advice based on her knowledge/training and her own labour experiences.  She listened carefully to what I wanted and from there we wrote a birth plan together.

Leading up to my due date she was on call for me 24/7 and rearranged her schedule to be available.  When the time came she was at my house within minutes.

My labour was long and intense so I was incredibly grateful for Katie’s presence – she kept me calm and provided support and reassurance when I needed it and gave me confidence in my ability when I felt like giving up.

My sister unexpectedly made it here for the birth and Katie respectfully encouraged her presence and input.

Thanks to them I managed the long labour drug-free, as planned, and it was such a wonderful experience!!

I had a beautiful little son and although it was very late at night, Katie stayed in the hospital with us until I had my bundle in my arms, content and ready for sleep.