Great workshop

Great workshop. Excellent to go through routine and do each part twice, plus get booklet with instructions. Great to hear physical benefits for premature babies and colic issues. Thanks – very helpful.

I learnt so much

I attended the baby massage and yoga course with my 13 week old baby. Katie’s warmth and professional knowledge and experience was the perfect combination for the most enjoyable class! I learnt so much that has provided me with more confidence with baby massage and the endless benefits of massage and yoga for baby and…

Calming and reassuring

Thanks so much for the course on Sat. Both Pete and I got a lot out of it. The booklet and labour card are great too as I have browsed through them both to remind me of what we did. I actually loved that it was a small group as it felt very comfortable and…

Very helpful and great value

Thanks for the baby yoga massage session.  I found it very helpful and great value for money. It must have worked because when I got home Alysha slept for an hour without waking up which is rare for her after midday. Thanks also for the detailed instructions, they will certainly make repeating the massage much…

Really enjoyed it

Many thanks for today’s baby massage session – everyone really enjoyed it – for some bubs it was quite obvious – others had delayed effects!  Both Jasper and Alysha had long sleeps this afternoon (which is unheard of for our bubs, who usually wake after one sleep cycle!).