11pm again…!

11pm again

I’ve often wondered why time passes so slowly when you’re a child, but speeds up when you’re an adult. It seems way too unfair – I wish I could package up all those hours I spent as a teenager feeling bored and enjoy them now!

I guess it’s just that life is busy and full – which is fabulous, but the downside is it whizzes by. Like now. I always find that as we get towards the end of the school term we become caught up in a frenzy of appointments and events.

Take tomorrow – it’s Grandfriends Day at my children’s school and Indi’s asked me if I can come along and be their surrogate Gran!

I feel very sorry for my three children because they’ve really been denied a hands-on grandparent. My mum (who adored kids) died just before I fell pregnant with Lucas and my dad and Alec’s parents live in the UK. Although they love the kids, they’re not what you could say doting grandparents.

So tomorrow, after organising a plate of biscuits for the morning tea and chasing Leo around the school grounds, I’ll be making small talk with the other Nans and Pops while admiring Lucas and Indi’s art work.

Actually I must admit I love it. I love watching my kids at school and marvelling at their cuteness. It’s the real up-side of being a parent and I am also feeling so lucky that I’m able to attend these events while still working (hence being up at midnight!).

On that note, I guess I’d better get some sleep – otherwise I will look more like their gran than their mum! Happy Grandfriends Day!

Katie x