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Nourishing FODMAP vegetable soup

IMG_5634As soon as Autumn approaches I love to bring out my trusty Creuset dish and start making soups. As the seasons change it is important to reflect this in your diet. In Autumn when the dosha VATA is dominant, it is a time for eating cooked foods, sipping hot water with grated ginger and eating lots of soups and baked root vegetables. This helps to nourish our belly and our soul. These foods are also grounding, help to balance our hormonal system and are easy to digest.

This is a simple soup is suitable if you (like me) are following a Low FODMAP diet. If you don’t need to worry about foods with FODMAPs then feel free to add in legumes, onion and garlic.


2 carrots

2 celery sticks

stock cube

4 potatoes (cut into 1cm cubes)

1 parsnip

salt, pepper and 1sp thyme

10 green beans

1 zucchini


saute carrots and celery in oil for 3-4 minutes until they soften

Add in 1 litre of filtered water with one stock cube (I used Massel chicken-style stock but you can make your own :-))

add potatoes, parsnip, then add pinch of salt, pepper and thyme. Simmer for 25 minutes

In last ten minutes add green beans and zucchini


IMG_5635Best eaten with Katie’s cumin gluten free bread – recipe soming soon!!