Heart 2 heart baby breath

Feel extra close to your unborn baby with this beautiful and simple breathing practice.

The best thing about this breathing practice (or pranayama), is you can do it anytime and anywhere – and it’s guaranteed to help you feel warm and fuzzy and will help to bring lots of oxygen-rich blood to your growing baby.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably – with your spine lengthened and shoulders relaxed. You may wish to have a yawn or wriggle your jaw to release any tightness and to ensure you are able to breathe freely and smoothly.

Take three slow, deep breaths – making a gentle sigh on your exhale.

Then take one hand to your heart centre and the other to your baby’s heart. Rest here for a moment feeling the warm energy beneath your palms and reflect on the stage of pregnancy that you are at.

As you inhale feel the love that your baby is sending you flowing from your baby’s heart directly to your heart.

And as you exhale send that breath (and love) straight back to your baby! You may wish to imagine the breath like a golden ribbon of love – bonding and connecting you both – a ribbon that can stretch without ever breaking. This ribbon symbolises your unbreakable bond and love for one another – between mother and child.

As you practice, enjoy this sensation of the two of you bathed in love. Feel the gentle warmth from the loving touch of your hands bringing loving energy into your heart centre and your baby’s heart centre.

Repeat this gentle breath and visualisation as many times as you would like.

And when you are ready to finish the practise, don’t rush! Have a gentle stretch and yawn – acknowledge your baby and then return to your day – with a smile!