Rainbow magic 

It can be raining around you when suddenly a sliver of sunshine appears, you look up and see a rainbow etched across the sky. And for a moment there’s magic in the air. It’s hard not to be captivated by this amazing feat of nature. For me rainbows have also held a special place in my heart… 

Two decades ago, just after my mum had taken her last breath, I stepped outside into this new cold, hard world – without my mum in it – when I glanced up and saw a rainbow. 

And I knew it was a sign that Mum was still with me. And I don’t know if it is a strange coincidence or it really is a sign, but at times when I really need to see her presence, a rainbow appears.  

This is a big part of how and why I got the inspiration to write my latest book: the Relaxation Rainbow, which I’m excited to say is now available for pre-order

And it’s not just me – for thousands of years people have been mystified and delighted by the presence of this arc of colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet which form a rainbow. 

In Greek mythology rainbows were the personification of the goddess, Iris who was a messenger between heaven and earth. In Gaelic legends, leprechauns buried pots of gold at the end of the rainbow – but as the point where a rainbow hits the ground is virtually impossible to see, these treasures were never unearthed. In Aboriginal culture, the rainbow serpent moves from waterhole to waterhole ensuring that water will never dry up even in times of drought. Rainbows offer hope and positivity – often a sign that the dark clouds will lift and the sun and light will break through.  

And modern day yogis align the rainbow colours with the chakras. Red is the base chakra (Muladhara), orange is the sacral chakra (Svadisthana), yellow is the solar plexus or energy centre (Manipura), green is the heart chakra (Anahata), blue is the throat chakra (Visshuda), indigo is the third eye (Ajna) and then violet or white is the crown chakra (Sahasrara). 

Each colour represents an emotion – a quality which we can focus on and create. 

And so when I wrote this book, I created each of the relaxation rainbow visualisations to focus on a specific colour – an imaginative journey which explores and delves into that colour.

As a mum of three, I’ve experienced just how many pressures are placed upon our children. We – as parents – are trying to do the best job we can, but with social media, financial stress and then the pandemic it’s no wonder we are all struggling.

Personally I’ve discovered just how important yoga and relaxations are to integrate into our lives – to help balance the busyness and to give us simple tools to help us self-care, stay calm and reduce stress.

The Relaxation Rainbow is a book which helps support children’s imaginations and will take them on visual journeys where they will feel safe, content and at peace. The colour therapy helps to foster resilience, self awareness and positivity.  I’ve absolutely loved writing these scripts which I’m hoping parents and caregivers will read to children as bedtime stories, or older children can read to themselves. 

It’s an exploration of colour therapy, yoga, breath work and guided relaxation. It’s simple, easy to follow, profoundly relaxing and calming and fun. 

Therapists, yoga teachers and teachers can use these scripts, breathing practices and tips to help calm children – either in 1:1 sessions or in a class setting. 

I’m excited to share this book with you and it’s going to be available from Wednesday, June 21 – International Day of Yoga.  

You can pre-order your copy HERE and please let me know if you have any questions – with love and oms, Katie X