Hakini mudra – the brain hack!

The easy trick to remembering what it is you’ve forgotten…

Just dashed upstairs to get something but you can’t remember what? Started an email but got distracted and now you’ve forgotten what you needed to write? Or perhaps you are chasing around in circles trying to find your phone, your keys, or your glasses…?!

Welcome to the world of getting a wee bit older… so not only do we seem to have to remember an inordinate amount of trivia – er, no I DO NOT know where the tomato sauce is in the fridge and SORRY – but I have no idea where you put your airpods… anyhow, what was I saying…? I’ve lost track…!

Oh, that’s right – we have to remember a lot of useless stuff so our poor brains are overloaded and underappreciated. And instead of praising ourselves for what we DO remember we just beat ourselves up for what we don’t and then the fear creeps in… is this normal? Is it brain fog… or something worse…!?!

Well… I am here to tell you to lower the bar of your expectations – and to give you a GREAT tip on how to remember things (and potentially boost a few brain cells).

It may seem a bit strange, but I tried this on Alec the other day and it worked!

So when you forget something, simply place each of your fingers and thumbs together in Hakini Mudra – so marry up the pads of the right and left thumbs, index, middle, ring and little fingers…  

Mudras are seals which help direct energy (or prana) around the body and this hasta (hand) mudra is a little current of energy that helps to link the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It is also believed to stimulate the Ajna Chakra (third eye, between the eyebrows) and helps to balance the mind and enhance the memory.

Sit or stand with your hands in Hakini Mudra then take three long, slow breaths and that little elusive thought or name could just pop back into your mind. Try it for yourself.

It worked with Alec, (of course he muttered something about it not really helping) but I think it’s work a go, even if it just reminds you to slow down, breathe and smile. That is if you remember to do it! Hahaha  

Please let me know if this helps you! I’d love to hear 🙂 Katie X

PS – don’t forget the Guided Relaxation and deep, restorative yoga also works as a refresh for the brain! Contact me for classes and check out my online classes and books