5 ways to get back into your YOGA!

I’ve been practicing yoga for years, but I’ve found it more challenging than ever to stay motivated during COVID. And I’m not alone. But a study has shown that people who had a regular fitness workout at home during the lockdown greatly helped them to overcome psychological issues and fitness concerns.

The Indian study also showed that during the initial phase of a lockdown people’s enthusiasm for yoga and work outs wanes – particularly if you’ve been used to heading to the gym, but over time that reliance upon gyms gradually eases as people seek to create their own fitness programs at home or in nature.

So even though it may be tempting to catch up with Netflix and colour code your sock draw, it’s a better idea to get yourself set up with a regular fitness and yoga routine!

Top 5 ways to get back into a yoga routine

#1: Stretch don’t stress! Start the day with a few stretches. Don’t put it off, just jump straight in! I’ve even got my Ten Minute Tone routines which are a series of seven ten minute yoga-based work outs. So time just isn’t an excuse. Plus once you start you might just find it feels so good you don’t want to stop!

#2: Buddy up! If you have a family member to practise with, then that’s great. Or depending on your lockdown restrictions you might be able to meet up with a friend. Go for a walk, do some gentle stretches. Keep each other motivated.

#3: Make it an appointment you don’t cancel! The times when we are busy is when we need our yoga the most. So even though it can be tempting to push it aside. Don’t. Get strict with yourself. This is your time and it’s essential for your physical and mental health. Plus numerous research has shown that we are far more productive when we take time out for health and fitness.

#4: Set an intention – in yoga an intention is called a Sankalpa – something in the present tense and short. Think about what your motivation is for your practice. For example: I am calm or I am practising yoga, I am healthy, but the best thing is to come up with your own Sankalpa which will challenge you to think about why you are doing this

#5 Be kind to yourself! Another beautiful Sanskrit word and philosophy is Ahimsa – it means non-violence, but is translated as kindness. If you miss a day or two, don’t worry! Remember yoga is there to meet us where we are at. It fits YOU, you don’t fit the yoga (as the amazing B.K.S. Iyengar famously said.

I’ve got a heap of yoga courses you can choose from and I’ll be running regular online yoga classes – so join me and stay up-to-date. Plus when restrictions lift I can’t wait to teach you in-person too! So I hope you can join me – and then you can sort out those socks 🙂

Let me know how you go! Love Katie X