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How to do a mini mindfulness practice

We’ve all heard that life is about the journey, not the destination – but at times it feels like the transport we take is driving a bit too fast and needs a bit of a check up and service…! This is why it’s important to press PAUSE regularly on your day to be mindful and to help improve your mental health.

Taking moments to: stop, breathe, reflect, appreciate is vital.

If we don’t take these opportunities to pause, then we don’t savour our life or those special moments. And if we’re not careful that moment has passed us by without acknowledgement.

Like so many of us I have been spending a fair bit of the past 18 months contemplating my life and where I am going. I also had some pretty major milestones (turning 50, reaching menopause and witnessing my son (via Zoom) graduate from high school. I had to watch this event (in 2020) on a screen. Not quite what I’d anticipated after years of watching Lucas singing in Kindy productions, battling it out in Spelling bees (now that is stressful!) and racing around the track in the 800m at Sports Carnivals.

But as my friend Sue said – at least you can cry without anyone seeing you. But forget crying, I was virtually convulsing..! Seeing Lucas and his peers going up on stage to receive their leaving certificates was emotional. And wow it went so fast. Primary school was a slow burn, but High School – that’s a whole new level – it just raced by in the blink of an eye.

So I hope you are able to take some time out, do some yoga, go for a walk, enjoy a nourishing yoga relaxation, or practice some tranquilising pranayama – do something to keep yourself not just healthy physically, but mentally healthy too.

How to do a simple mindful practice

  • Every so often, just take a moment to look around – at the people close to you, nature (but no screens allowed!) or close your eyes.
  • If your eyes are closed, notice the velvety darkness behind your eyelids – perhaps a warm glow from the light?
  • Notice your body – sensations – heavy, light, warm, cool…
  • Experience your feet on the earth, the feel of the material of your clothes against your skin, the touch of the breeze or temperature.
  • Be aware of what you can hear – far away – what’s the furthest sound you can detect? What can you hear within the room?
  • What can you smell? Any particular aromas?
  • What can you taste? are there varying tastes in your mouth?
  • Now feel your body soften and release…
  • Take your awareness to the breath – simply following the rise and fall of the body with each and every breath.
  • Think of your breath as your anchor, when your mind strays, then acknowledge this and bring it back to the breath once more. Simply observing each an every breath.

When you are ready, slowly and gradually ease yourself back into your day. Thankful for this opportunity to press PAUSE and I’m sure you will find that this helps time tick by just that tiny bit slower – as you become more aware and mindful.

If you enjoyed this mini mindfulness moment, you may enjoy the two mindfulness practices in my new book: Guided Relaxation which includes more than 30 Guided Relaxation practices.

Let me know in the comments below how you press pause on your life. Love Katie X

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