Green Power Juice

The great thing about smoothies is you can drink them anytime – perfect for a breakfast boost, it will keep mid-morning hunger pangs at bay and give flagging energy levels a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

It may look a bit strange, but trust me, one sip and you’ll be hooked – and you may even want it instead of that morning coffee fix…!


don’t be too worried about exact measurements and feel free to experiment and add different veggies and fruit for variety.

For this smoothie I used:

two handfuls of spinach leaves (you can use Kale but that makes it a little thicker)

one cucumber (roughly chopped)

half orange (peeled and de-pipped)

one apple (quartered)

one lemon (peeled and de-pipped)

a cube of ginger

herbs – I used flat parsley, but you can also add mint. Not just a few poxy leaves – grab a BIG handful. Yum!

200mls of water


Then whizz it through the blender (or Vitamix or Thermomix if you are lucky to have one of those cool gadgets) for around 30 seconds or until it is smooth and GREEN!

* And don’t scrimp on that parsley.. use several handfuls as flat parsley has masses of Vitamin K (which will keep your bones strong), Vitamins A and C. It’s an antioxidant and all that chlorophyll is anti-bacterial and of course it will give you lovely fresh breath

* If my diet is a little lacking I also add in a heaped teaspoon of Vital Greens – a supplement available from your health food shop. You can also add in Spirulina and perhaps a sprinkling of chia seeds.

Tips for smoothies:

* Mix ‘n’match – don’t get too fixed on particular flavours – our bodies need variety

* Use seasonal fruit and vegies – not only is it cheaper, but it is better for you.

* Don’t focus too much on fruit – make sure you add at least half (or more) vegies to the mix

* Use water or coconut water rather than sugar-laden fruit juices to dilute

* add in a handful of frozen fruit or ice for a chilled smoothie in summer.