Crafty kids

YOGA is definitely a BIG help when you are raising crafty children…!

When I’m cooking, I quite often reach into my kitchen utensil drawer only to find the spatula sellotaped to a tape measure and a bottle top.

‘What is this?’ I’ll ask my son, Lucas, nine, as I hold up the bizarre contraption.

‘It’s my dinosaur,’ he’ll reply enthusiastically.

I’m stuck between feeling indignant that I  have to spend a few extra minutes untangling it and encouraged that I have such an imaginative child.

My daughter Indi, seven, also loves her craft – and is even nagging me to get a sewing machine, so she can design her own clothes.

The only problem is El Destructo AKA: Leo – my three year old,  is also keen on craft – but he’s motivated by his eternal mission to create as much mess as is humanly possible.

If there’s a spare Texta lying around you can be sure he’ll try to draw on the walls and he likes nothing more than delving into a box and throwing the contents around the room. Any box  will do. Any contents.

That’s why life was particularly difficult recently when we had our house on the market. Don’t even ask me about the time when the photographer came and Leo gleefully decided to draw his own designs on my new white bedspread with a green pen! (Let me tell you my calming Yoga breathing practices came in very handy then!)

So that’s why I feel torn when , in the holidays the kids asked to do some painting – on one hand I think it’s great they’re so creative, on the other I groan about the potential mess. But at the end of the day mess can be wiped away – but those memories will be like permanent marker.

On that note – here’s Leo  after he decided to redecorate the kitchen with his black handprints…!