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Discover the healing power of crystals

Simply looking at, holding or just having a crystal close can help uplift your mood and ease tension. Find out how you can create calm with crystals…

Just as there is something magical about rainbows, there is something equally magical about crystals. Crystals are formed in the earth and have continued to change as our planet evolves.

They are one of nature’s gifts which we can bring into our everyday lives to connect with a higher, positive energy and create a sense of calm and wonder.

How to use your crystal

You can either hold the crystal in your hand while you meditate (or listen to one of the guided relaxation rainbow visualisations) or pop it under your pillow while you drift off to sleep or carry around in your bag.

Or you may like to have them beside your bed or desk and enjoy looking at them and the beautiful energy they emit.

Children especially love crystals – I remember taking my children to choose gemstones as a special treat. And loving how they feel drawn to certain crystals and discovering the meaning.

Rainbow Crystal Set

So I am incredibly delighted to offer a Rainbow Crystal Set to help enhance your experience of the Relaxation Rainbow.

I took a long time sourcing high-quality crystals from around the world – each one has a particular property and benefit for the mind and body.

There are eight beautiful gemstones in each pack. The stones will vary slightly from pack-to-pack as you receive your very own unique hand packed set. Each pack is wrapped with a little note in an ivory organza drawstring bag, so you can keep your crystals safe.

Here’s a list of the crystals and their special properties.


Red jasper: is gently stimulating and helps to strengthen boundaries.

Red agate: agates help to ground, stabilise and calm.


Carnelian: this stone helps you to feel grounded and restored.  


Mookaite: this stone promotes a feeling of optimism and positivity.

Tiger’s eye: is believed to be a protective stone which is uplifting.


Green Aventurine:  promotes emotional wellbeing and vitality


Blue Quartz: can help reduce fear and enhance communication, creativity and self expression

Turquoise: A healing stone that aids emotional wellbeing and promotes creative expression


Sodalite : a confidence booster and boosts positivity

Lapis lazuli: a cooling stone which helps to reduce inflammation and ease depression  


Amethyst: a soothing stone that eases stress and calms the nervous system, promotes intuition.clear   

White – for the journey through the rainbow

Clear quartz – for emotional stability and promotes focus and mental clarity

Opalite: helps to balance mood and to combat fatigue.

Taking Care of your Crystals

Remember to cleanse your crystals – this helps to keep the crystal vibrations at a high level so they remain potent and pure.

Full moon cleansing

One of the easiest (and fun!) ways of doing this is by putting your crystals on bare earth at around the time of the full moon and leaving them out overnight – the feminine yin energy of the moon will cleanse them and draw in those reflective, cooling vibes!

Sunlight cleansing

Alternatively pop your crystals in a shaded area where the dappled light of the sun will infuse and power up your crystals! Again, just rinse off with running water and enjoy that gorgeous yang energy.

Order your beautiful set of Rainbow Crystals now and get a special discount when you order the Relaxation Rainbow book!

Rainbow Crystal Set – $35 plus postage

Or just $30 with each order of the Relaxation Rainbow

Love Katie XX

PS – and let me know which is your favourite crystal!  XX

  • Please note each crystal set includes one crystal for each colour of the rainbow, we cannot guarantee which crystal you will receive. All are natural and will vary slightly in shape and size.