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The 11 benefits of bedtime reading (especially for dads!)

I LOVE this picture of Dad, Jarrod with his daughter, Ava reading the Relaxation Rainbow…For fathers in particular taking time to read to your child helps to build strong relationships, promotes literacy, builds strong relationships and is a powerful way for dads to have an active and meaningful role in their child’s development…

Here are 11 more reasons why bedtime reading is the BEST!

  • It’s bonding – this shared experience of reading promotes emotional connection and a sense of security
  • It’s creating a positive role model – when dads take an active role in reading to their children they set a lifetime example of reading and literacy which encourages children to read themselves
  • It encourages language development – reading out loud exposes children to a wide ranging vocabulary and helps them develop language skills and confidence
  • It stimulates a child’s cognitive development
  • And opens up a child’s rich imaginative and creative world
  • It promotes emotional intelligence – dad’s (and mums of course!) can use this to explore a wide spectrum of emotions and use this as a way to discuss empathy and understanding.
  • Bedtime reading promotes a regular routine which is calming and comforting – and will help soothe your child to sleep   
  • Reading promotes academic readiness – your child is more likely to be better prepared for school with a strong foundation in literacy skills which can help academic performance throughout their schooling journey.
  • Helps to support a child’s confidence and place in the world, sending a powerful message that they are valued and cared for.
  • Enjoying family time away from devices and screens that 1:1 time that is so important – particularly for younger children (less likely as your child gets older and moves into high school)
  • Children who are read to early in life are more likely to have a love of books and reading – this speaks volumes!!

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