Mudras and mantras for meditation

Take a moment out of your busy day to feel grounded, calm and centered. This practice will also help you prepare for meditation and help to clear a busy mind! this practice focuses the awareness on the chakras (in yoga it is believed these are wheels of energy – spiralling with prana and distributing life force to the associated organs). Try to take the awareness to each area and the chant of the Bija (or seed) mantra will help you direct energy to each chakra. Don’t worry if you are just starting out – if it makes you feel calm and relaxed then it’s a good thing – you can delve deeper with more practice. Make sure you are in a warm, comfortable environment and have fun!

Start in a comfortable sitting position (or reclining goddess pose). Then Chant the mantra “Lam” resting the hands at the lower belly in Earth Mudra (lightly touch thumb to ring finger on both hands). Repeat 3 – 5 times.

Next place the hands in Shakti Mudra (thumbs touching and forming an upside down triangle with hands resting below navel. Chant “Vam” 3-5 times.

Then turn the fingers to face up in a triangle at the solar plexus (beside navel) and chat “Ram” 3-5 times.

Next place the palms over the heart chanting the mantra: “Yam” 3-5 times – focus on opening your heart centre and pouring in love.

Now block the ears (as in Bhramari Breath) and chant “Ham” 3-5 times. send the breath into the Vishhuda or throat chakra.

Next adopt Hakini mudra with the finger tips touching and the thumbs resting at the third eye. Chant “Om” three times.

finally take 3-5 deep breaths focusing on drawing the prana up and down the spine. Notice the effects of the practice. continue as long as you can. To finish take your hands into prayer and bow to yourself and your baby. Namaste.