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Be hip for birth!

Did you know that belly dance was initiated by women and part of the passage to puberty – helping girls to prepare their body for pregnancy, stay toned and ease menstrual cramps.

In birth, the wise women of the community would surround the birthing woman and show her different movements, which she could copy to correlate with her stage of labour.

In my pregnancy classes we often practice a spot of belly dancing – to help move those hips, release tension in the lower back and tone the floor. And of course our baby LOVES those rhythmic movements that encourage space in the womb.

So keep up your practice by rocking those hips.

First play some Middle Eastern music or anything with a good beat.

Remember to keep your feet parallel and knees soft – feet just a little wider than hip distance rotate and realign shoulders and allow then to soften away from the ears, chin in to your chest gently, so the back of the neck is long.

Think of the legs being grounded and the spine long and light, then begin to slowly circle your hips in a smooth wide circle.

You can place your hands on your hips or bring your arms into the movement – reaching up high and allowing your hands to fall like leaves from a tree. Just explore what feels right and have fun with it!

You can also move your hips in an infinity pattern – bending the knees and keep the movement fluid and sensual! Join me in class for some more belly dancing!