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Mums ‘n’ bubs yoga and baby massage – FAQs

What happens in a Mums ‘n’ bubs class? Well, it’s fun, it’s different and it’s not always so quiet…!

But if you come along you’ll learn a heap of new skills to add to your parenting knowledge and you’ll also learn some essential exercises for new mums (vital for regaining your core muscles safely post-birth and to tone your pelvic floor). Keen to know more? Then please check out my 10 frequently asked questions – and if I haven’t answered one of your questions, please feel free to email methanks! Kx

My space in Cromer is a boutique yoga studio with plenty of street parking and a big enclosed driveway with lots of parking for prams! It’s all on one level so no painful steps to navigate.

All equipment is supplied from mats to blankets and bolsters, so you will be lovely and comfortable. It’s a safe space with other new mums just like you and I’m a mum-of-three (rather bigger) babies so want you to feel relaxed and at ease during the class!

1: What if my baby cries?
A: Don’t worry: baby’s cry – it’s their job! Often it’s because they are overtired or just need to have a whinge (we all get that!). Try not to tell your bub to shhh… but tell them it’s ok – “let it out” maybe even cry with them! But please don’t be concerned. We will talk about crying in the class – different cries and what they can mean. But if your baby isn’t happy then stop massaging/practising yoga and do whatever you feel is right to soothe your bub. You can feed, rock etc in the class. There is also a lovely light-filled lounge area where you can take your baby. There’s also an outside area too – and better still it’s all flat, so no lugging prams etc…
You can return to the session when you feel ready and I’m happy to recap anything you’ve missed.

2: What if my baby’s sleeping?
Don’t wake your bub! that’s fine, let your baby sleep – I will have lots of demo dolls (soft bodied dolls) for you to massage until your bub wakens from his or her slumber 🙂

Meet Max, Mia and Mikey – just some of my demo dolls ready to be massaged 🙂

3: What age is best?
Any age from newborn to around nine months – you can massage your baby at any age, but to attend the session it is easier if your baby is not crawling. Otherwise you’ll be chasing the around trying to massage them! You can always attend more than one session – perhaps come along when you are pregnant and again when your baby is born.

4: When is the best time to massage/practise?
It’s best when your baby is in the Quiet Alert phase – they’ve woken, had a feed and they are just wide-eyed and ready to be massaged and cuddled.

5: What if my baby is sick or has just been vaccinated?
Best to leave the massage until your baby is feeling better and your bub may be sore from immunisation so leave it for 48 hours after vaccinations. But you can still come along and enjoy the session!

6: What oil or cream should I use?
Any oil from a single plant source that isn’t perfumed – that way your bub will tell your scent and won’t be confused. Even Olive Oil is good – or Sweet almond oil, or jojoba or sesame oil. I will have oil available for sale at the workshop

7: What does my baby wear?
We’ll have heaters in the room, so it will be warm and toasty. Babies like to have one more layer than us, so strip bub down to his or her nappy, but when at home best to go completely naked – massage is best skin-to-skin.

8: what do I bring?
Yourself, your baby and a cloth nappy or blanket to lay your baby on. I’ll have tissues etc.. I will also have mats.

9: What are your qualifications?
I’m a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with Infant Massage Australia (IMA) and have been teaching baby massage for 17 years. I have massaged all three of my children (now aged 17, 14 and 11) and don’t tell anyone, but the younger ones still ask me for sneaky massages! Plus they have even been known to give me massages 🙂
I’m a Massage Therapist (ITEC) and Labour massage therapist (Naturecare College), I’m a Doula (Optimum Birth) and a senior yoga teacher (I’ve been teaching pre and post natal yoga for 18 years on the Northern Beaches) and train yoga teachers to specialise in pre and post natal yoga (with IYTA – International Yoga Teacher’s Association), I’ve also done trainings in Laughter Yoga, Yin Yoga, Japanese Yoga, Kids Yoga, Dancing For Birth  and Somatic Yoga. I’ve made DVDs and CDs, filmed two infant massage sequences – for Huggies Baby Club and Johnson & Johsnon, and I’m the Huggies Baby Club pregnancy Yoga and baby massage expert. Plus I’ve written a book: Mother Me – a mum’s guide to balance, wellbeing and harmony

10: What are the benefits?
There are just so, so many. For you, for your baby and for the rest of your family (who will all want to learn the routine from you!).
I still massage my kids using the same strokes and even my dog joins in and loves her massage!
It also encourages the release of serotonin and oxytocin – feel good hormones (for both you and bub!)
It will improve your baby’s sleep, strengthen their immune system, help their brain development and coordination. It’s  great for the respiratory system and will help develop bonding and attachment, while being heaps of fun! And then there’s the baby yoga and yoga for YOU which will give you countless emotional and physical benefits. Give it a go and book today!