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Meditation for beginners

Meditation is the ability to focus on one thing only – to allow your inner chatter to fall away, leaving a sense of deep stillness and inner calm.

It is also the way to find the path to your inner self.  Some people see it as a “coming home” a way to connect with the essence of your soul.

Yoga and meditation are inextricably bound. In Yoga, meditation is one of Patanjali’s eight limbs and referred to as Dyhana – one of the steps to spiritual enlightenment.

Benefits of meditation:

There are sooo many benefits that it’s pretty much a given that we should do it – but getting started is incredibuly challenging. But starting is the hardest step. Still not convinced, then just read what a few minutes of meditation can do for your mind and body…

1: Reduce muscle tension – by decreasing the stress response

2: Deeper breathing will lead to increased oxygen to your muscles and you’re less likely to feel stressed/tension

3: Your immunity is strengthened, as the adrenaline (fight or flight) response is lessened.

4: Increases your blood/lymphatic circulation, imporves digestion and gives you more energy.

5: Should find it will help ease insomnia, tension headaches, anxiety, panic attacks .


It will give you more space and detachment to look at issues in your life and address them. It will also improve your focus.

Types of meditation:

There are several ways to meditate and it’s a case of trying a few and seeing what works best for you.

1: Breath watching (notice your breath)

2: Visualisation (having a peaceful and tranquil scenario in your mind – a special place just for you).

3: Mantra (sound – eg: Om)

4: Japa – using objects such as Japa Mala beads

5: Walking – focus on your feet placement – the connection with the earth (try this as you push your pram).

6: Object focus eg: Trataka (candle gazing)



How to do it:

White light exercise

1: just “be”

Find your focus, release thoughts and inner chatter, let go of expectations and be mindful of your posture

Busy mind and scattered thoughts? then rein them in…

Visualise – imagine them as clouds, or drifting downstream/ mind screen/ write them down…

What do you need?

  • cushion
  • chair/meditation stool
  • shawl blanket (as your temperature will drop slightly)


You may want to have a quiet corner in your home to make an altar, where your regularly practice meditation.

  • candles/oil burner
  • things connected with beauty/nature eg: shells/flowers
  • perhaps messages to yourself – positive affirmations – collage exercise


Deepak Chopra once said you need to practice something daily for a month for a month for it to become a habit.

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