Turn a negative into a positive!

I love this story doing the rounds on Facebook about Canadian high school student, Caitlin Prater-Haacke who has begun a wonderful trend of posting positive Post-It messages.

leave a positive post-it for someone today!
leave a positive post-it for someone today!

Caitlin was inspired to turn a negative into a positive after receiving a shocking message on her Facebook page. Someone broke into her school locker and using her iPad wrote a FB status that encouraged her to die.

But instead of hiding in a corner, she came out with her own ammunition – Post it notes! And with about 200 handwritten messages ranging from: You’re beautiful to I love you and you look amazing today! She pinned them on every school locker and around her high school.

The teachers weren’t so impressed and she got reprimanded for littering, but thankfully her local council embraced the idea and now the Alberta town of Airdrie is awash with positive messages. How cool.

So I urge you to send out a positive message to someone today – in fact, why stop at one?! Send a positive email – grab some post-it’s of your own and put them under the wing mirror of a neighbour’s car! Have fun with it – and like Catilin, don’t let those bullies beat you!

Check out the film clip here: