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Check out this 45-minute Face Yoga and Face Massage – which includes practices for the forehead, eye area, nose, cheeks, mouth, jaw and neck. This will help to give you a natural face-lift and healthy glow!

  • It makes sense that we exercise our 43 facial muscles – after all we regularly exercise the other muscles in our body.If we are regularly toning and strengthening these facial muscles it will:
  • help to define and sculpt our face, neck and jaw
  • increase blood circulation
  • aid lymphatic drainage
  • improve muscle tone
  • reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • ease facial tension (and TMJ pain)
  • encourage nasal breathing
  • have a laugh! and get your glow on 🙂

This class is for all levels and ages. 

Intro to Face Yoga – only $15

(Access for 90 days is included)

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I am loving your new book

I am loving your new book, the guided relaxations are so easy to follow, especially love the Chakra and Ayurvedic element themes. Beautiful design and illustrations
Yoga Teacher - Ostara Health, Sydney

Really felt connected to my baby

Kingston and I attended Katie’s baby massage course. It was such a nice experience and I really felt connected to my baby. Kingston loved all the attention and seemed very relaxed after massage. Although Kingston became unsettled half way through and had to go to sleep, I was able to practice on a doll. The best part was some relaxation time for all the mums, with some mindfulness. It was well worth it and I would definitely recommend it to other mothers. It was great to take time out for myself and Kingston.
Thanks Katie


Delivered with such a positive energy

” Being in the perimenopause and interested to know how I can support myself during this new phase of my life, I did the Zoom Yoga for Menopause class with Katie. I definitely recommend it! I found it very informative, Katie shared her experience, knowledge, ressources and a Yoga practice to support us. I really enjoyed the balance between the Yang part of the practice, to help us keep strong and the Yin part to help us feel nourished and restored. It was delivered with such a positive energy. I was also very happy to learn that in China, menopause is called Second Spring, sounds very promising! Thank you Katie for bringing us all of this and an opportunity to share and connect together! “.

Student learning how to reduce stress

Katie came and worked with our students post exams and showed them how breathing and mindfulness can really assist in refocusing and reducing stress. The students were able to participate in a series of practical and helpful strategies and movements to learn about ways to calm down and release tension. In particular, the students enjoyed Katie’s mindful meditation as she provides a soothing and peaceful way to wind down at the end of the lesson. Her gentle and calm nature was well received by the students and they enjoyed the opportunity to spend purposeful time caring for their mind and body. Thank you Katie!

Kristie Ferguson, Head of Year 10
Stella Maris College

Really enjoyable, helpful and put my baby to sleep

Really enjoyable, helpful and put my baby to sleep, good, useful information.


I will keep a copy in my yoga teaching bag always

I love this book! I will keep a copy in my yoga teaching bag always.

Katie is poetic, using inspiration from nature, her words just slip out, filled with grace and ease.

Sarah Manning
Yin Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Singapore

A wonderful book for any new parent

This is a wonderful book for any new parent (or anyone for that matter!) to take some much-needed time out to relax. Katie draws on her significant experience as a yoga teacher and relaxation expert to provide a creative and practical guide.

Pinky McKay

I read the mindfulness relaxation to my 12 yo daughter at bedtime – she is now out like a light.

Got your book today Katie. I read the mindfulness relaxation to my 12 yo daughter at bedtime – she is now out like a light. I’ve always wanted a compilation like this, you have filled a niche. In fact you sit in this niche – you are a trail blazer! Well done.

Rachel Sands
yoga teacher

Combines therapeutic guided relaxations in an inviting and user-friendly way for all

I welcome Katie’s new book: the Relaxation Rainbow: guided visualisations for children, as it focuses on relaxations for young people and complements her previous: Guided Relaxation…  release.

As a psychologist, and primary school educator, working in schools the Relaxation Rainbow is going to be an essential tool to both the classroom, students, parents, and the wider community. Katie has been able to combine therapeutic guided relaxations in an inviting and user-friendly way that is able to be accessed by all. The explicit step by step instructions at the beginning of the book ensures that even those unfamiliar or new to guided relaxation can easily set up a space and use language to create a warm and calm atmosphere.

Katie has suggested complementary items to support each relaxation but also variations that whole groups or classes of students can access with ease. By linking to the colours of the rainbow there is an instant appeal, and familiarity, establishing visual memory for easy recall. This enables clear reminders of the concepts that are linked to colours and introduces colour association to feelings that people, both young and old, can find challenging to express.

The layout of the book: the Relaxation Rainbow, has immediate attraction and charm for the reader. The soft colours and gentle illustrations using familiar creatures and settings, such as the calm castle, enable young people to draw on their own experiences to create imagined images easily and with clarity so that the visualisations within the relaxations can be quickly enveloping and engaging. Young people would be able to use the book independently or with their families.

I would thoroughly recommend: the Relaxation Rainbow for use with young people individually or within a group setting, such as a classroom. In a school setting the guided relaxations would be ideal to introduce calm after a break period such as recess or lunch so that everyone is able to engage calmly in the next task or activity. Within the home setting the relaxations would be ideal to settle young people before rest or bedtime to facilitate sleep and to wake up refreshed.

Noelene Cox
Psychologist (AHPRA)
B.Ed (prim), M.Ed (Ed Psych), MAPS

Busy Mum

I am so pleased I could make it to the last few classes of Yoga for Busy Mums and I’ve added the dates in for Term 4, as I would love to keep practicing yoga with you. Your classes are wonderful and I think the times and duration are perfect. Your class always makes me feel so relaxed and human again after the long busy days, running around after little ones and it is great to meet other mums and share some experiences of motherhood.

Trudie, mum-of-two

a gorgeous book

…a gorgeous book that would make a lovely treat for any mother.

Pinky McKay

A mix of energising and restorative moves

 I have done a number of Katie’s restorative yoga classes, the menopause one was of particular interest as I am starting my journey into this new phase of life. It was great, Katie provided lots of information on the subject. The class was a mix of energising and restorative moves along with breathing techniques which can be used for those 2am wake ups when you are trying to get back to sleep. I would highly recommend the class, I felt great when I finished.

this book is all things I love – Maggie Dent

This book is all the things I love, using colour, relaxation and breath work to support our kids to self-regulate and find moments of calm through creative visualisation. It is beautifully and colourfully illustrated, and with practical tips for guiding children through various feeling states it will be a wonderful addition to any home, early years centre or classroom. In our busy world, this book presents parents, teachers and anyone who works with children, a golden opportunity to take some time out to really connect and relax. A welcome resource. 

Maggie Dent, parenting author and educator

It was awesome

It was awesome. A lovely mix of different types of practices which I can do every day.


It’s amazing what a  bit of stretching does for you

I was busy complaining to the obstetrician about how uncomfortable I was finding sleeping.  He said that I would experience everything four weeks earlier this pregnancy than last.  But this discomfort, stiffness etc seems to be about 4 months early.  Then I suddenly thought it might be lack of exercise.  I’ve been sick so long this pregnancy that I’ve done no exercise and yet last time I was doing lots of swimming and yoga.  So I did your yoga DVD and that night I had the best most comfortable sleep I’d had in ages.  I did it again yesterday and last night had another good night.  I shall make sure I do it as often as I can. It’s amazing what a  bit of stretching does for you.


This book really did surpass my expectations

As an educator at a school where students physical, social and mental wellbeing is highly valued, I have seen firsthand the benefits of relaxation and meditation on my students.

In this high paced world where children are increasingly leading busier and busier lives, giving them time to relax, be in the moment and connect with their inner self is incredibly important.

Following a meditation class at school, my students are noticeably calmer, show less anxiety and their ability to concentrate is increased. The students overwhelmingly love attending meditation and see these lessons as having a positive impact on their learning.

The Relaxation Rainbow is an extremely easy to read book, which guides you through a series of beautiful meditations for children.

The vibrant colours of the illustrations and the easy to follow meditations drew me to this book immediately.

Each meditation guides students through places that would be familiar to them, making it accessible to everyone.

The meditations allow children to tap into and use their imaginations creating their own ‘world’ to be in.

Linking the colours of the rainbow with the option of a crystal promotes inclusiveness, making them relevant and accessible to a range of children and ages.

This book is a beautiful example of how simple it can be to practise meditation. Whether you are the participant or the facilitator, I can guarantee that you your whole body will feel relaxed and calm afterwards. I know I nearly fell asleep at the end of each session!

This book really did surpass my expectations and I am looking forward to sharing these with my students and with my own children at home. I would highly recommend this book for all children.

Rochelle Iwakura
Assistant Principal of a NSW Primary School and mother-of-two

Supportive Energy

Katie has a beautiful, positive and supportive energy. Through her ante natal yoga classes and Natural Childbirth Workshop I have felt encouraged and educated. I can’t wait to embrace this wonderful journey.

Kylie, yoga teacher and mother-to-be
Manly Vale

Fantastic help

I just wanted to let you know that the DVD arrived safe and sound – and so quickly! I have been alternating routines every other night and it has been such a fantastic help! My back pain is gone and I just feel like I am carrying my baby so much better – so much more centered.
Thanks again, I honestly can’t thank you enough!


Very effective

Katie is very effective in encouraging a calm, relaxed atmosphere and I think she effectively addressed the physiology and psychology of childbirth.

Yorkeys Knob, QLD

I really needed a book like this!

I can honestly say within moments of reading it, I was hooked.  It is one of the best books I have read and I haven’t even picked up a book since my second son was born five months ago! I read it before I go to bed and am enjoying it soo much! thank you for writing this honest, informative book. I really needed a book like this!

Victoria, Australia

Exactly what I needed

I just wanted to say thank you for Sunday’s yoga.  From the outset with the warming Qi Gong and energy work, to the restful restorative postures, it was exactly what I needed.  I’ve been playing lots of tennis, sitting at my desk too long and not doing enough yoga and was feeling so stiff, especially around the neck and shoulders and I felt so free afterwards. The sound bath was calming and added an extra level to the class.

I’ve been working on my Chakras lately – something I truly believe is an essential part of feeling balanced in life – and was pleased to explore a little more in your class.

It’s also great to be among like minded people which added to the relaxed atmosphere.  I’ll definitely be there on as many last Fridays of the month as I can.

This is great Yoga.  The right amount of time, the right balance of postures, amazing relaxation, like-minded people, a fabulous teacher, and lots of fun.

Thank you!

Pam Roddick

Really enjoyed and got a lot out of your course

We really enjoyed and got a lot out of your course.  It was informative, practical and realistic about what to expect. You obviously are very knowledgeable about childbirth and raising children. I think the flexibility you showed in discussing our birthing options was refreshing as lots of practitioners we have come across have very firm views about how we should birth our babies.


Very helpful and great value

Thanks for the baby yoga massage session.  I found it very helpful and great value for money. It must have worked because when I got home Alysha slept for an hour without waking up which is rare for her after midday.

Thanks also for the detailed instructions, they will certainly make repeating the massage much easier and I won’t have to rely on my post pregnancy brain!

Bettina and Alysha

Katie does fantastic meditation sessions

I have been attending Katie’s yoga classes for the past 13 years. Katie is very welcoming to everyone. She takes an interest in every student and always checks if they have any health issues and gives them an alternative stretch (if the one we are doing is not suitable for them). Her classes have a lovely, positive vibe. Katie does fantastic meditation sessions too. I always feel so much better after attending one of Katie’s classes.

Collaroy, NSW

Feeling very lucky to have your book in my yoga library!

I have been using my wonderful new book in class this week. I was used to having printed relaxations in a folder and bringing that along to class each week, but now I can look in your excellent book and pick a relaxation that feels right for the moment. It’s so easy to read, well set out and what I’ve been looking for! Feeling very lucky to have your book in my yoga library.

Warrnambool Yoga, Vic

I felt so rested and nurtured

The restorative class yesterday was just what I needed especially on Mother’s Day!

I felt so rested and nurtured with that type of class, I loved being in my own home too with all my things to help me feel cosy and comfortable. Katie has a beautiful teaching voice that instantly puts you at ease and along with her nurturing soul.

Thank you Katie for a beautiful class I slept like a sleeping baby last night 😊


Alexi Pallpratt
yoga teacher

A great way to connect with my bump

Being pregnant with my second baby I found Katie’s classes a great way to connect with my bump. The classes were informative, relaxing and energizing. I’ll be back for another term and recommend it to any mums-to-be.

Dee Why

Calming and reassuring

Thanks so much for the course on Sat. Both Pete and I got a lot out of it. The booklet and labour card are great too as I have browsed through them both to remind me of what we did. I actually loved that it was a small group as it felt very comfortable and was easier to ask questions and to chat to the other couple who had been through it before. I found the whole afternoon very calming and reassuring and it made me feel more confident about facing childbirth. I really want to try to experience childbirth in a positive way and your practical ideas and down to earth approach has helped to alleviate my anxiety.


This could definitely become the standard textbook on relaxation practices for yoga teachers in Australia and beyond

The author’s depth of knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher and practitioner is clear and remarkable, and yet she strikes an accessible, friendly tone throughout so that anyone from beginners to highly experienced teachers can benefit from this book. This could definitely become the standard textbook on relaxation practices for yoga teachers in Australia and beyond.

Alana Smith

Improved my confidence on birthing

The course not only helped me physically but mentally. Each week my confidence on birthing improved and my mind became more positive. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting a positive birthing experience. Katie’s energy and positivity are infectious!


A wonderful way to finish off the working week

Thank you again Katie for Friday night’s restorative yoga class. It was a wonderful way to finish off the working week. Your calming voice and the gentle sequence combined to help me deeply relax and also to have a great night’s sleep. A gift very much appreciated.

Phil Duke
Yoga teacher, NSW

Loved it

I loved it all. I’d do it again.


Extremely informative

The workshop was extremely informative and enjoyable. I have no doubt much of what we learnt will be useful on the big day and beyond! There was good variety, tips, and good resources to take home. A very experienced, qualified, passionate and genuine teacher.

It was relaxed, insightful and a great introduction. And it helped us to feel more confident about what lies ahead. Thanks so much!

Belinda and Mark   

A must-read for any student of yoga

A must read for any student of yoga. Katie’s gift is speaking directly to you through the pages of the book, knowing just what you and your child need and the practices to help you get there. It is a beautifully written, well-researched and detailed guide, based on ancient practices honed over a lifetime. A pleasure to read and practice from.

Loraine Rushton

What a wonderful class

What a wonderful class. I don’t think I have ever done a class that has just concentrated on Muladhara chakra. Very pertinent for me at the moment with my day job where I have to remain grounded to address the many complex daily demands on my time.

I loved the restorative pose childs pose with the wheatbag across my lower back, What a treat that was! Also when we were in relaxation and I placed the wheatbag across my tummy I became aware of a vibration, a new sensation I had not experienced before and then you mentioned we may feel a pulse it made perfect sense. So very good to connect to muladhara! I felt lovely and relaxed and certainly slept better last night.

Margo – yoga teacher

I can’t thank you enough for the refreshed inspiration!

I’m just writing to tell you what a joy your guided relaxation book is!

I absolutely LOVE it and it has helped me so much. I refer to it a lot planning my own classes and I can’t thank you enough for the refreshed inspiration I’ve gained from your wonderful writing. I keep it with me in my yoga bag!


 Louise Fenner
200Hr YAP Hatha Yoga Teacher, UK

I couldn’t recommend it more highly

I was delighted to come across Katie’s relaxation book for children, the Relaxation Rainbow.
I have been using it with my 4 year old as part of our bedtime routine and it has been wonderful.
She loves the book too, often asking for it!
As an occupational therapist working with children, I love resources that help make ‘calm’ more tangible, so that children can learn what if feels like, and how to relax their body and mind.
Katie’s book does just that. I couldn’t recommend it more highly!
Sophie-Anna Barling


Wonderful to learn specific massage movements for bub. Plus I learnt a few new tips for my toddler!


Katie has integrated ideas from wisdom traditions such as yoga, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine

If Savasana is your favourite part of yoga classes, then this handy book, lovingly created by experienced yoga teacher Katie Brown, is for you. Katie has integrated ideas from wisdom traditions such as yoga, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with recent thinking, to offer simple, accessible relaxation scripts that will appeal to modern people seeking to manage stress.

Chandrika Gibson ND MWell C-IAYT PhD (cand.)

An invaluable resource

This book is rich with content. Katie provides some helpful ideas on how to use the Guided Relaxations effectively, and backs her content with science. An invaluable resource.

Marion Mugs McConnell

A very nice way to relax

A very nice way to relax after a busy week. Reassuring, informative and each week is nicely varied. Thanks Katie


My kids fall asleep in a heart beat with these

My kids (aged 12 and 10)  fall asleep (worry free)  in a heart beat with these lovely visualisations.  They love the words, the messaging and my voice when I read these to them.


Alexi, yoga teacher,

I am so delighted with it

Just to let you know I received your beautiful book: “Guided Relaxation” today. I am so delighted with it and congratulations on its content and presentation.

Marilyn Grossman
yoga teacher

Great Workshop

Thanks for a great workshop on Sunday, Katie – we really enjoyed it and Sime, in particular, came away feeling a lot more prepared for birth and we both feel really positive and excited about the big events to come.

I’m not sure how many Saturday classes I will make between now and the birth, but I wanted to say thank you for such a great yoga journey over the past 9 months – as I said on Sunday, it is the first time that I have been able to “connect” with yoga and it has been a very integral and special part of my pregnancy. I definitely am keen to come to your Tuesday night classes once the Bub is here for some me-time, and am very interested in doing baby massage classes with you.

Best wishes and many thanks!

Dee Why

A truly invaluable book

Katie has given us a truly invaluable book. Whether you have five or 30 minutes, this practical guide is jam-packed with many forms of relaxation to help you stop and destress. She blends the art and science behind meditation and relaxation to provide useful and easy-to-learn techniques that will benefit absolutely everyone – from yoga teacher to student. 

Susie Lapin

This is the book your frazzled nervous system has been waiting for

This is the book your frazzled nervous system has been waiting for – a rich and varied toolkit giving you access to delicious rest and healing. Katie expertly guides you, step by step, how to cultivate the essential skill of relaxation, from preparing your environment, a selection of supported set ups, to breathing practices and soothing scripts that you can use. It is equally empowering for yoga teachers, health professionals, for parents to use themselves or explore with their children, or for any human being looking to restore a heavy heart, tired body or weary mind. A powerful resource that you will keep coming back to.
Suzy Reading
Chartered Psychologist and author The Self-Care Revolution


I signed up for the 6 week online Chakra Course not really knowing what to expect but wanting to learn something new. Each week Katie took us through one of the chakras and shared her extensive knowledge with us. The slow flow yoga was exactly what I needed after my busy day at work and I found myself in a totally chilled and relaxed state after each class – bliss! Highly recommend Katie & this course to anyone wanting to regain focus and unwind.


I’m so grateful you have created this wonderful gem

I wanted to share with you that I used your beautiful deep relaxation script in my seniors yoga class today and I knew it was a beautiful relaxation but one lady stopped me on the way out to say how wonderful she found it. Your book is simply gorgeous and I’m so grateful you have created this wonderful gem.

I’ve been looking for a book like this since I started teaching and so happy to go back after lockdown with fresh new beautifully created and inspiring scripts. So thank you, thank you, thank you for creating it.

yoga teacher, Sydney

Calm support

I was pregnant with my first child and was going to be a single parent with no family around, so was feeling particularly anxious about embarking on the journey of labour alone.

So when I met Katie Brown at one of her yoga classes and she offered to be my doula at my birth I was very excited.

We met up several times before my labour and she offered invaluable advice based on her knowledge/training and her own labour experiences.  She listened carefully to what I wanted and from there we wrote a birth plan together.

Leading up to my due date she was on call for me 24/7 and rearranged her schedule to be available.  When the time came she was at my house within minutes.

My labour was long and intense so I was incredibly grateful for Katie’s presence – she kept me calm and provided support and reassurance when I needed it and gave me confidence in my ability when I felt like giving up.

My sister unexpectedly made it here for the birth and Katie respectfully encouraged her presence and input.

Thanks to them I managed the long labour drug-free, as planned, and it was such a wonderful experience!!

I had a beautiful little son and although it was very late at night, Katie stayed in the hospital with us until I had my bundle in my arms, content and ready for sleep.


They are so beautifully written that simply reading them can induce a more relaxed state

We know that mindfulness is one of the most powerful treatments for moderate and mild anxiety and depression, and Katie’s exercises offer up some beautiful and easy-to-follow yogic practices to assist in creating wellbeing. Indeed they are so beautifully written that simply reading them can induce a more relaxed state. Treating it like a recipe book, I recommend diving in at random to a practice and enjoy – either practicing it yourself or assisting others.

Susan Nicholson
Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, Sydney, NSW  

A must-have reference book!

“Guided Relaxation is an excellent resource for any yoga or meditation teacher to have. Katie Brown has written a comprehensive guide with scripts to follow, recommended poses, breathing techniques and so much more! The book is divided into handy chapters with meditations based on the elements, chakras, seasons and even a chapter for kid’s meditations. Her wealth of experience as a yoga teacher and meditation guide is evident throughout the book. A must-have reference book.”

Shannon Herps
yoga teacher

One of the most interesting classes I have done

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed and learnt from your Anti-Anxiety yoga classes over the past four weeks. One of the most interesting classes I have done. You included all parts of the person, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I loved the relaxation immensely. it was wonderful to be in class as a student. I will be able to use the information both in the classes I teach and personally.

Denise – yoga teacher

I loved Katie’s pregnancy yoga

I loved Katie’s pregnancy yoga, and was so happy to find she was running this course just in time for my second pregnancy, after doing a lot of her classes with my first. Katie creates a warm and fun feel, and it was great to get together with like minded future mums.

Katie’s experience really shines through, she has poses and tips to help with all sorts of pregnancy issues. She helped me with creating space and helping to get the baby into position, strengthening my back and hips and feeling more supple. It was the perfect amount of intensity. I found myself using my own favourite poses from the course each night on the rug, towards the end of the pregnancy where it was harder to get comfortable, and this really helped with my sleep and all the little aches.  I really enjoyed the classes each week and felt this was a great way to bond with the baby and do something relaxing and nurturing for myself.

Elanora Heights

Fantastic way for us to connect with our unborn baby

Katie’s Natural Childbirth Workshop was a fantastic way for us to connect with our unborn baby and feel confident about labour and our ability to support each other.

Rebecca, mother and yoga teacher
North Balgowlah

I enjoyed it very much

I was feeling quite tense and anxious at the start of the session but by the end I felt loose, relaxed and centered. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!


I rave about pre natal yoga to all my friends

The yoga DVD is fantastic.  I will be taking my yoga mat into the birthing suite and definitely incorporating elements of your DVD into our birth plan.  In fact I hadn’t even thought about a birth plan until I watched the childbirth section of the DVD (naive first timer!!).  This DVD is brilliant, thank you.

I can’t believe how much attending pre natal yoga classes has helped loosen and prepare my body, particularly the inner thighs, neck and shoulders.  My body was quite tight and would up from playing in a female rugby union comp and working as a functions coordinator.  After each lesson I could feel the difference in my body.  Now I just rave about pre natal yoga to all my friends!


My bible when teaching yoga

Katie’s relaxation book is my bible when teaching yoga.

The scripts are so beautifully worded and the visualisations take you away to a calm place.  I love the new children’s version – the Relaxation Rainbow. 

My kids love choosing a colour of the rainbow, then I read that relaxation to them while they drift off to sleep. It’s relaxing for me and they sleep really soundly!

Alexi, yoga teacher and mum-of-two
Sydney, NSW

your guide to deep relaxation and sleep is the best I’ve ever used

I have to say that your guide to deep relaxation and sleep is the best I’ve ever used and always has the desired effect – so thank you!!

Teresa Cayzer

Highly recommend this course to all expectant Mums

I found this course really informative and practical. Katie taught us techniques of relaxation, breathing and positions that will be helpful to cope with not only the pains of labour but with whatever unexpected events occur on the day. I would highly recommend this course to all expectant Mums.


I recommend this DVD

I found this DVD easy to follow and it has helped the women I work with to do something positive for themselves and their babies. I would recommend this DVD to anyone. The relaxation highlighted how important it was to stop for a short time in order to have energy for the rest of the day. I really feel that yoga has lasting benefits for mother and baby.

Robyn Dempsey, midwife
Robyn runs the New Beginnings Midwifery Practice in Sydney. She has been practicing as a midwife for 15 years and has three children.

this book is a fantastic, unique read

I have read a LOT of parenting books but none that really focuses on the emotional needs of the mother after pregnancy. I think this book is a fantastic, unique read.

Melanie Peake
parenting author

Beautifully relaxing and calming

Beautifully relaxing and calming… perfect pace and timing… taught with so much passion and love.


Supporting women in birth

I have been a practicing Obstetrician for eight years and one delivery with Katie brings back great memories.  This woman had a special neurological condition that increased her risk of falling and unfortunately resulted in her fracturing her right humerus five weeks prior to her birth.

Katie was very attentive and supportive of this woman during the whole labour and was a great asset in ensuring this woman had a normal, uncomplicated birth.

Dr Peter Wood

It’s the best thing we could have done

I think most second time parents will agree that working full time and wrangling a toddler does not leave much time to prepare for a newborn. The time we had with our first simply doesn’t exist with our second.

I decided that a private session with Katie would be a great way for my husband and I to connect, to spend some very much needed time thinking about our newborn and our second birthing experience.

Carving out a few hours was hard to do, but Tom and I are so glad that we did! In Tom’s words “… it’s the best thing we could have done, to help focus some energy around #2’s arrival.”

At a fraction of the cost of other mainstream birthing classes, we got a lot out of Katie’s private session. I loved especially that we were not in a class with 4 or 5 other couples, and we were able to relax and speak freely about our experiences, wants and needs.

Thank you, Katie, for inviting us into your home, hearing our unique journey with #1 and hopes for #2, for tailoring your teachings around our needs and for imparting some much needed guidance on us. We can never stop learning and Tom and I feel as ready as we can to welcome our newest edition to our family.

Sam and Tom

Very empowering

This workshop gives a complementary experience to hospital ante natal classes. I love the parent-centred approach – very empowering!

Dee Why

A magical journey through a relaxing rainbow of colours

A magical journey through a relaxing rainbow of colours. Written with beautiful description to keep the reader and listener happy. I was very quickly drawn to the golden billowing skirt of the fairy we meet in the Emerald Forest and the magnificent husky dog that guides us back to the indigo magic carpet. A book for all ages that brings the joy back into relaxation. Highly recommended.

Verity, mum to Benji aged 5

Really enjoyed it

Many thanks for today’s baby massage session – everyone really enjoyed it – for some bubs it was quite obvious – others had delayed effects!  Both Jasper and Alysha had long sleeps this afternoon (which is unheard of for our bubs, who usually wake after one sleep cycle!).

Neutral Bay

It is fantastic

I’ve been using your pregnancy yoga DVD religiously for the past few months now in the lead up to the baby being born (36 weeks today! Due date May 8) and think it is fantastic, especially for sore backs! Doing daily sessions of the DVD is not only great for sore backs but for relaxation and settling the mind in preparation for the big day – I always feel a lot calmer and more confident about labour when I have completed the routine.

Winmalee, NSW

Absolutely sublime!

Katie, I listened to the Relaxation for Sleep last night.  Absolutely sublime!  Can’t wait to try the other ones!

Many thanks and congratulations again on a beautiful book.

Frenchs Forest, NSW

Our daughter asks for the Rainbow book every night!

My daughter Hazel (7 years) absolutely loves your relaxation rainbow book.

Since giving it to her she’s been asking for the “rainbow ” book every night!

Sometimes we don’t even get through a whole colour before she’s fast asleep. We’ve also noticed she’s a lot calmer through the day (and after such a restful sleep).

Thank you so much!



Louise Jones

Very useful

Very useful to understand techniques and practice on our own baby and see that she enjoys it. Lovely to see how to integrate play and yoga.


Sleeping like a baby

I lent my friend a copy of your Post Natal Relaxations CD (as she’s been having a lot of trouble sleeping).

She said she’s now sleeping like a baby and if she does happen to wake, she just puts your CD on, hears your voice and falls straight back to sleep!!

So I just thought you may like to know that you are making a big difference to somebody’s life. And just for the record, I still listen to the chakra balancing one regularly (even though I’m hardly considered “post natal” any more) and it is like having someone “re-fill the tank” when I’m feeling tired…the best!

Felicity (mum-of-two)

Great workshop

Great workshop. Excellent to go through routine and do each part twice, plus get booklet with instructions. Great to hear physical benefits for premature babies and colic issues. Thanks – very helpful.


she loved the orange crystal meditation

“I took a young client on a healing journey and read the orange crystal meditation! She loved it and said afterwards that she felt the orange energy swirling in her body, healing her!”


Lara, Reiki healer, NSW 

I learnt so much

I attended the baby massage and yoga course with my 13 week old baby. Katie’s warmth and professional knowledge and experience was the perfect combination for the most enjoyable class! I learnt so much that has provided me with more confidence with baby massage and the endless benefits of massage and yoga for baby and myself! I felt it really helped me bond with my baby and made her so relaxed that she slept for most of the afternoon after the class (a very rare event!). I also really loved the meditation at the end. A fantastic holistic course that I would most certainly recommend to any Mum and bub. Thank you Katie!

Mona Vale

Post natal relaxation

love love love your post natal relaxation CD. Cath Brennan from Dubbo let me borrow her copy and I religiously do one of your relaxation sessions EVERY day….anyway thought I better give Cath’s copy back and buy my own!! Thank you for making my day every day. My bub is 5 months old now…..just quietly he is gorgeous!! I also did your pre natal yoga when I was preggy and do your post natal yoga every day now too!! Love it!!

Binnaway, NSW

Take some time to nurture your body and soul

I would recommend Katie’s class to anyone wanting to take some time to nurture their body and soul. And to anyone looking to learn or be reminded of how it is possible to live differently by integrating calmness into their everyday life.

Collaroy Plateau

I’m loving the book!

Thanks Katie…I’m loving the book!  I was not expecting it to arrive so promptly, and such a lovely surprise being so beautifully wrapped…💛 It will be so handy!…more tools to add to the toolbox…

Carolyn Collett
yoga teacher

It was also lovely and relaxing

 I just did your Spring Restorative class this afternoon, it was wonderful!
I loved the information about the 5 Elements, tracing the meridians and massaging certain Acupucturepoints, and learning their cute names! I enjoyed how you melded the different modalities. It was also lovely and relaxing – thanks so much!
Susan - yoga teacher
Narrabeen, NSW

Informative and relaxing

I found the class informative and relaxing with lots of tips and exercises on how to ease anxiety. Katie is a lovely teacher.


Katie has created a beautiful and nourishing class for women

Katie has created a beautiful and nourishing class for women journeying through the transition of menopause. As always Katie is both extremely caring and knowledgable in her teaching, sharing her experience and valuable information about the menopausal years. Katie is so wonderfully positive in this class and speaks of menopause as a second spring and a time to celebrate and truly value ourselves as women. I found the class to be very uplifting and nurturing. Katie’s pregnancy classes were so valuable to me as a new mum, so I am delighted that she is creating classes with a focus on this next important time of life. Thank you Katie for such a wonderfully nurturing and positive experience.
Jill (Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher) 

Always looked forward to the class

I always looked forward to the class for many reasons. The gentle yoga, stretching and exercises were a fantastic way to graduate into an exercise routine. I loved meeting all the mums and bubs to share our joys and experiences and still meet them today. I always left relaxed from the massage and relaxation.

Collaroy Plateau

Minty always entertains us too!

I have been following Katie for at least two years and have done numerous courses eg- Restorative 4 weeks, Prenatal, A Mother’s day self-care course, Friday night classes.

I have purchased Katies Prenatal book and videos and lent them out to clients to use as well.  I have learnt lots from the courses and have taken that information back to my own classes to try different poses and for my own self-care in these trying times.

I have really enjoyed her teaching manner.  I will continue to do more classes in the future for sure.

The best thing in each class is that Minty the dog always entertains us too, there aren’t many classes on line where there’s a dog in class with us.

Thanks again for all your fun on line Katie, Hope to see you and Minty soon.

Gabby Zerk
yoga teacher


It was amazing, nurturing and calm. Being a beginner it was a beautiful intro.


An essential book in the modern world

Science tells us daily that we all need to reduce our stress to promote and support our physical, emotional, and mental health.

Thankfully Katie Brown’s book, Guided Relaxation, not only teaches us how to relax, it also and shows us how in clear, friendly, and accessible words and illustrations.

The practice of conscious relaxation will change your day and your life, because it will effect how you “talk” to yourself and how you interact with others.

An essential book in the modern world.

It will uplift your spirits and take you home to a sense of ease and rest.




Judith Hanson Lasater
Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, PT, yoga teacher since 1971, and the author of 11 books on yoga.

fantastic classes

I have been attending Yoga Babes classes for 2 Terms now and what a great find this is. The classes are fantastic- relaxing, with lots of great stretching, strength and relaxation work. Last weeks class- was great – I felt like I had just had a back massage afterwards no more aches. Thanks Katie

Collaroy Plateau, NSW

A beautifully descriptive book full of eloquent language and delicious imagery

A beautifully descriptive book full of eloquent language and delicious imagery in the relaxations. A fantastic resource for yoga teachers, psychologists, teachers, parents and people in general who value their health and wellbeing and are ready to enjoy the rejuvenating joys of relaxation.

Julie Beynon
Senior Yoga Teacher (YA), Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer, Dru Yoga Therapist, Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Trainer and Yoga Teacher

So relaxing!

“I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes with Katie. They are so relaxing and It was great to learn about how I can prepare my body for birth and motherhood. I really liked the small class size too. Would recommend!”


I totally recommend this class!

Katie’s Yoga for menopause class is well balanced and informative.

She provides a wide range of yogic practices which include gentle movements, active and restorative yoga poses and breathing techniques plus a wonderful relaxation! Katie creates a safe and inclusive space and she normalises a natural process in every woman’s life cycle. She offers lots of snippets of valuable information and generously shares her own experiences.

I totally recommend this class!



yoga teacher, NSW

Great teacher

You are a great teacher, inspirational and I love Minty’s chilled out sivasana – downward dog pose!  : ) 


Fantastic Doula

I really recommend Katie Brown as a doula.  I employed her for my second labour and she was fantastic.   She supported and encouraged me throughout my labour (natural, just a little gas for the first stage then completely drug free for the second stage).  She used the distraction and visualisation techniques we had discussed before the labour and also helped me with massage and hot compresses on my back.  Both my husband and obstetrician were very impressed with her and found her very helpful, I wish I had employed a doula for my first labour which was very long and difficult.


This is a beautiful book and one to include in your collection

Relaxation techniques and practices are important skills to learn for a more easeful and peaceful life.

There seems to be no stone unturned in Katies new book Guided Relaxation: Your essential guide to creating calm

Not only is this a book to help guide a novice in useful techniques to discover more, it is also a great resource to provide inspiration to other Yoga Teachers. This book is for the experienced, well versed in the approaches of Guided Relaxation or the beginner who is making that first enquiry.

Easy to read and follow: Chapters that provide the background details with minimal Jargon so no one needs to feel excluded from learning how to guide themselves or others into and out of the relaxed state.

Topics included such as simple breathing techniques, suggested equipment, postures and props and the importance of creating the best possible environment for practice is emphasised.

The value of ‘Leading- in’ with  Centering and grounding practices are included and chapters to follow that provide various themed scripts.

Body scans, The Chakras, Ayurvedic elements, The seasons, Affirmations and Healing and scripts especially for Children.  All content and concepts are explained, easy to read and connect with.

There is just the right amount of background detail to motivate the user to engage with the information without feeling overwhelmed. Katie has managed to connect with the reader and this makes her book one of the best available on this topic.

The Illustrations by Ruth Wellman are beautifully drawn and compliment the work so well. I enjoyed moving away from a photo and into the artistry on the page.

This is a beautiful book and one to include in your collection.

Liz Kraefft, Yoga Teacher

the kind of book that any new mum… should have

Mother Me by Katie Brown is the kind of book that any new mum, trying to navigate their way through the perils of motherhood, should have.

Parents Online

New dad-to-be

As a new dad-to-be, Katie’s course gave me a great overview of what to expect over the coming month and most importantly how to support my wife through her labour and birth. I would highly recommend this course to any expecting couple.

Many thanks.


Invigorated, relaxed and balanced

I’ve been going to Katie’s yoga class for 2 years and have found the atmosphere of this class to be unpretentious and peaceful. Katie teaches different levels of challenge with each pose allowing each student in the class to meet their individual physical and mental challenges within their level of capability.

I leave Katie’s yoga class feeling physically invigorated, mentally relaxed and emotionally more balanced.


Amazing time to focus on yourself and your growing baby

Katie’s pregnancy yoga course is an amazing 90 minutes each week to focus on yourself, your growing baby and learn gentle movements and exercises appropriate for pregnancy. Allowing this time to de-stress and let go of the weekly anxieties has made a huge difference to my pregnancy experience. I highly recommend anyone to do this course!”


Katie’s years of experience shone through

Katie is a wonderful, caring and natural teacher who has an obvious passion for sharing her love of Yoga.  I attended her Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course through the IYTA and found the training to be very comprehensive and delivered with passion and dedication.  Katie’s years of experience shone through and her compassionate and friendly delivery made the training a joy to attend and I have used what I learned on the course regularly since then.  I can highly recommend Katie’s Restorative Yoga trainings as well as her online classes and workshops that I have also thoroughly enjoyed attending.

Alyssa Bird
yoga teacher

A gorgeous sequence… that resonated with me for days and days

It was simply great to  meet at your sweet home yoga studio and gain inspiration from the Salute to the Earth pregnancy yoga flow you shared, A gorgeous sequence, that with the relaxation/guided visualisation you lead, resonated with me for days and days! sooo happy I purchased the relaxation CD too.
I would love to meet again!
The world is a better place for having you in it,
Keren Sharon
yoga teacher

I really loved this class

I really loved this class as it gave me something fun and therapeutic to do with my baby. After the class he slept like an angel and the colic massage has already come in handy. I highly recommend this if you are looking to soothe an upset baby or develop a bonding massage practice with your newborn that I will carry on for many years to come.

Freshwater, NSW

thank you for this wonderful gift

My granddaughter Lila is 3 and a half and she loves the book – it is unlike anything else she has and she asks her parents for it most nights before bed.

I love the colour theming, and such a joy to introduce positive visualisations, body and breathing awareness to one so young – and receptive! Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Kathryn, SA


I so look forward to my Katie’s yoga class every week, it makes me feel like I am doing something special for my mind and body.  Afterwards I just float out the door ready for the rest of week.


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