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Birth Goddess Meditation


I hope you love this chakra-based meditation which I have written to help create a sense of confidence in yourself as you embark on this special journey of motherhood. You can record this to your phone or simply ask someone you love to read it to you. And if you are keen to enjoy more relaxations then please check out my MP3 meditations HERE for pre and post natal and HERE for general relaxations. love Katie

  • the stars denote spaces in the reading to allow for a more restful experience 🙂


Ensure you are sitting comfortably with the spine lengthened. Or if you prefer, lie in Goddess pose or yogic sleeping pose.

Inhale softly through your nose, noticing the coolness of your breath.

As you exhale become aware of the gentle warmth of your out breath. Take three more slow, long and deep breaths*

Simply allow your breath to happen. Simply observe the body breathing. Becoming aware of the rise of the chest as you inhale and the fall of your chest as you exhale.

On each exhalation enjoy the sensation of your entire body softening to the ground, allowing yourself to completely let go. Enjoy the feeling of the earth supporting you, allowing any tension to dissolve away… *

Invite your entire body to soften – every muscle, tissue, fibre of your being – melting and sinking deeper into the support of the earth **

Now direct your breath towards your unborn baby. Imagine the breath like a golden light swirling around your baby – bringing your baby nourishment, warmth and love.

Gently touch your belly, sending energy and love to your baby.**

Take your focus to the base of your spine – imagining if you can, a tiny red flame or light. As you breathe in repeat the words: ‘I am strong, safe and secure. I trust completely in my body.’

Feel this red glow infuse every cell of your body bringing with it a sense of trust. Feel empowered and strong as you embark on your journey into parenthood.

When you are ready take your awareness a little higher to rest just below your navel centre and if you can, picture an orange glow radiating over you and your baby – bringing with it a sense of positive energy. And repeating to yourself: “I let go of expectations. I am on my true path – everything will unfold as it should… I am open to the path of pregnancy, birth and parenting …  ”

Breathe in trust, letting go of any concerns as you take your focus now to rest at your navel centre – your energy centre and visualise a golden light – flowing through every cell of your being – cradling you and your baby. A soft glow bringing with it a sense of vitality as you breathe in the words: “I am strong – my body is built to nurture and birth my baby.” **

Taking the focus now to your heart centre – allow your inner gaze to rest here for a moment. Imagine a soft green hue – as you repeat the words: ‘All around me is love – my baby and I will be supported by love. I feel a deep compassion, love and acceptance for myself and my baby.”**

Take your awareness to your throat centre imagining a soft blue light – as you resolve to have the inner confidence to speak your truth – for you and your unborn baby **

Gently travel to your third eye – between your eyebrows –sensing a soft violet glow – trusting in your intuition.

Know that you are the best possible mother your baby could have

Taking your focus now to the crown of your head – feeling a soft white light of love and energy bathe every cell of your body. Know that you are embarking on a very special journey – you have strength, clarity, love and compassion. There will be times when the journey is challenging – but trust in your heart knowing you have the strength and ability to overcome each and every hurdle**

Take this moment to simply be with your baby – delighting in this special time and trusting in your innate wisdom and inner strength which will guide you throughout your mothering journey…


Breathe in – Love

Breathe out – fear


Breathe in –understanding

Breathe out –negativity


Breathe in – Compassion

Breathe out – Judgment


Now come back slowly to the present. Imagine in your mind the room you are in – the walls, ceiling and floor. Listen to the sounds outside the room – reeling them into your mind one by one. Try not to be attached to any particular sound.

Gently move your fingers and wriggle your toes – bringing life and movement back to your body. Reach your arms overhead as you inhale, have a lovely big yawn and very gently, when you are ready, come to a sitting position. Draw the palms of your hands together and allow them to rest at your heart centre – feel the space you’ve created in your mind, in your body and in your heart. Bowing gently to yourself and to your baby.



Om shanti

Copyright – Katie Brown

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