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Healthy brekkie – dairy and gluten free!

Not sure about you, but I am constantly on the look out for interesting breakfast ideas and I’ve just discovered a delicious recipe which I’m loving right now.

I do love bread, but my body doesn’t like it much, so I have been experimenting with lots of different gluten and wheat-free breads and have recently come across a spelt sprouted loaf ( that makes me sound such a hippy). But it must be good, cos even my 16 year old son and husband are eating it (yet to convince my 13 year old and 10 year old). Anyhow… this bread (by Pure Life Bakery) is great toasted and then I spread on Nuttex and top with scrambled eggs and fresh herbs – I used coriander and basil, but chives would be great or add a few handfuls of spinach leaves.

The eggs are made with cashew nut milk – just keep heat low while cooking and also Nuttex. Hope you enjoy this – another recipe I’ve been having for breakfast has been my Buckwheat porridge – let me know if you’d like that recipe and I’ll happily share! I’m also seraching for good alternatives to cow’s milk that the kids will enjoy…! So far Cashew Nut Milk is winning this one!


Cashew nut scrambled eggs on sprouted spelt loaf

For eggs: 1/4 cup cashew nut milk

one organic egg

1/2 tablespoon Nuttex

Toast: 1-2 pieces of spelt toast – spread with Nuttex

herbs to garnish

black pepper and sea salt or Himalayan salt