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Buzz your way through birth!

Did you know that buzzing bee breath (also known as Bhramari Breath) is one of THE best ways you can manage labour? And not only that, but studies have shown this amazingly simply breathing practice can help to reduce high blood pressure, ease depression and calm your mind.

The idea is that you are “blocking” the senses so you can focus your awareness inwards. The vibrations created by the sound travel through the mind and body and are soothing and relaxing.

So how do you do it!?

Practise Humming Bee Breath to help you feel calm and centered
Practise Humming Bee Breath to help you feel calm and centered

Sit up tall with your spine lengthened, chin drawn slightly towards your chest and your jaw and shoulders relaxed.

Use your index fingers to close your ears, then close your eyes and hum – try a high-pitched or a low-pitched hum to see what you prefer.

Remember to keep your lips lightly together and you’ll hear the sound resonate in the throat.

Then try a few rounds and then take a few slow, deep breaths and observe how the practice has made you feel.


If you are practising for a long time (ie; if you are using this in labour) you can rest your hands on your lap or on your knees (palms up).

And after you’ve had your baby you can do “baby buzzing breaths” where you hum into your baby’s ear and then both of you feel calm and serene (at least for a while!).

Let me know how you get on!

Katie x