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How to cope with the uncertainty of covid

Check out my free restorative yoga class below – which can help you feel calm and safe during this unsettling time.

Everyone is affected by the pandemic from the new mum unable to catch up with Mothers Group meetings to the child who can’t have a playdate and the parents fretting they won’t be able to pay the mortgage and worrying about their older family members.

We have work, financial and emotional stress on an unprecendented scale. I have been working on so many ideas of how I can help people to relax and unwind, stay fit and healthy and positive in our outlook. And my new mantra (as my son – who is in his HSC year and just had to cancel his 18th birthday party in April said to me last night: “It’s come – and it will go.”

That is my new mantra…

In the meantime, I will be uploading free relaxations and meditations to help you stay calm amid this challenge. Please share and if you interested, I also have my online program: Ten Minute Tone which I put together without realising just how helpful and relevant this could be… Hoping this helps.

Here’s a FREE Restorative yoga Class – please forgive the quality of the film – it’s before I invested in my filming equipment, but hopefully you will enjoy the practice.

PLEASE SHARE to anyone you know who is feeling particularly anxious at this time. Let me know how you go Love Katie X