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Create a birth affirmation


A birthing resolve or affirmation is a positive word or phrase – in the present tense – which you can repeat in your mind to help you feel calm and strong during labour.

What can be really special is to create your own unique birthing affirmation.  A word or phrase which helps you feel relaxed, calm and empowered.

It’s often a good idea to use the phrase with the breath, for example… On the inhale – imagine the word: “let” as you exhale repeat the word: ‘Go….”

And you can continue this for as long as you like with the breath…

Inhale: Let….   Exhale: Go……….

Inhale: Let……….. Exhale: Go……..



Alternatively there may be a phrase which resonates with you such as: My body knows how to birth my baby… and so repeating this as a mantra can help you focus solely on the intention within the message.

This way you are less likely to be distracted by internal thoughts or external situations and more likely to come into the moment and flow with the rhythm of your birth.

Once you have your word or phrase – and don’t think you have to stick to just one! You may decide to write several – have some fun, perhaps buy some cards and write each of your birthing affirmations on one side – then pick them up randomly through the birth!

The wonderful aspect to this practice is that there is no right or wrong – it’s about having fun creating the cards and using the positive messages to help you have your best possible birth.

Once you have your word or phrase then you can introduce it into your relaxations… so when you feel calm, relaxed and at ease – just repeat the word and phrase as many times as you wish. Then using the mantra becomes instinctive and you associate it with feeling relaxed and at peace….

And don’t forget you can write a mantra for any time in your life – so if you have a spare moment – grab some pens write your mantra and then you can colour it in and be as creative as you like.

Enjoy xxx