Women’s Health

It’s when we are out of balance that we become ill, anxious or overwhelmed.

Yoga is about being in balance – keeping our mind calm and our hormones working in harmony.

As women, it is important that we maintain equilibrium, which is why yoga practices are such a wonderful addition to our health.

Each major stage of our life – puberty, pregnancy, post-partum, peri-menopause and post menopause – highlights our need for balance. This section will deal specifically on women’s issues and how we can maintain balance – and encourage optimum health and wellbeing.

quinoa and fig bliss balls

Ok – so these bliss balls (despite tasting delish) were actually a narrowly averted kitchen DISASTER! I was busy making my lovely friend and fellow Yogi Alexi Pallpratt’s quinoa, fig and chocolate slices for my Mums and Bubs yoga class, when I glanced up at the clock to discover I had just ten minutes to… Continue Reading

Meditation for beginners

Meditation is the ability to focus on one thing only – to allow your inner chatter to fall away, leaving a sense of deep stillness and inner calm. It is also the way to find the path to your inner self.  Some people see it as a “coming home” a way to connect with the… Continue Reading

Katie’s Lemon nut-free bliss balls

These are delicious, easy to make and perfect for kids lunchboxes as they are nut free. They also contain lemon essential oil – an antioxidant which is up-lifting, so great for the winter blues. Ingredients: 1/2 cup of dried apples 1/2 cup of dried apricots 1/4 cup of sultanas 1/2 cup of cranberries or goji… Continue Reading

Peppermint caocao bliss balls

After Monday’s Mums and Bubs class we had Peppermint Cacao mint balls – flavoured by pure essential peppermint Here’s the recipe if you want to make them yourself (they’re the perfect pick-me-up!). Ingredients: 1 cup of cashew nuts 1 cup of dates 2/3 cut of dessicated coconut 2 tbl spoons of raw cacao pinch of… Continue Reading

Beat the winter blues with YOGA

I’m delighted to say that my TUESDAY evening yoga classes are now running all year – not just by the school term. So there’s no excuse to stay under the doona this winter. Still not convinced? then check out our guide to staying active during the cooler months… As the mercury falls so too can… Continue Reading

Caocao mint slice

This is the ultimate sweet treat – and it’s good for you! (Well kind of…). Inspired by Simply Wholefoods, I have my own take on this delicious and nutritious recipe. I’ve made this for my students at yoga, so now you can make it at home. Enjoy 🙂 Ingredients – the base: 2 cups shredded… Continue Reading

Learn baby massage – FAQs

What happens in a Learn Baby Massage class? Well, it’s fun, it’s different and it’s not always so quiet…!   But if you come along you’ll learn a heap of new skills to add to your parenting knowledge and you’ll also learn some essential exercises for new mums (vital for regaining your core muscles safely… Continue Reading

Healthy Easter Treat- raw cacao and mint nibbles

You’ll love this delicious raw cacao treat – I adapted from Wholefood Simply (a great website with amazing recipes) I’ve just substituted the almond butter for a combination of almond, coconut and cacao spread made by Mayver’s and Natural’s (by Melrose) ABC spread – which is almonds, brazil and cashew nuts. That is mainly because… Continue Reading

Healthy brownies!

These brownies are the perfect food for when your energy levels are flagging. They are packed with dates (studies have shown that eating six dates a day in the last four weeks of pregnancy can actually shorten labour!), * and they are great when you are breastfeeding. My kids love them as a mid-afternoon snack.… Continue Reading

Create a birth affirmation

A birthing resolve or affirmation is a positive word or phrase – in the present tense – which you can repeat in your mind to help you feel calm and strong during labour Continue Reading