date and wild orange caocao bliss balls

These date bliss balls are absolutely divine – easy to make and have no added sugar to a really health blast of energy. Dates are particularly good if you are pregnant – one study found that women who ate six dates a day in the four weeks leading up to their due date had shorter labours and higher average cervical dilation upon hospital admission than the women who didn’t eat the dates. Check out there study here

Now I’m not sure about you, but dates can be a bit boring to eat (especially six a day for up to four weeks…) So… I have come up with this delicious recipe:


250g pitted dates (and check they ARE all pitted as I’ve found the odd date stone when I have been making this recipe) best to roughly chop them up first before adding them to the Thermomix or high speed blender

50g raw cashews

50g raw wanuts

50g raw almonds

50g shredded coconut

50g Chia seeds

50g raw caocao

drops Wild orange doterra essential oil (this is the (not-so) secret ingredient which gives the bliss balls that amazing flavour)

1-2 tablespoons of raw caocao for topping



Soak the dates in hot water and leave them while you follow the first few steps of the recipe.

Add the nuts to the Thermomix – I chop up at around speed 6 for 10 seconds

Add the coconut and blast for a few seconds at speed 5

Add caocao  and chia seeds

Then add dates (drain off water) the dates act as a great binding agent so you don’t need coconut oil or tahini for this one

Add 4 drops of Wild Orange – I use Doterra Wild Orange (if you want to order some essential oil just email me:

Mix on speed 5 for 20 seconds

Roll into small balls and then place on a plate and sieve over around 2 tablespoons of raw caocao

put in airtight container in the fridge and should keep for 1-2 weeks (but I doubt it will last that long!).


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